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Why men cuddle publicly on the eggs

You as a woman surely know that?

You go somewhere long, you see a man from far away. Shortly after, he grabs his crotch and scratches his balls.

Why this is and what you can do to make sure that does not happen or that happens:

Two beautiful situations.

The first situation:

I was about 26 or 27 years old and drive to the disco with my then girlfriend and her two friends.

A large-capacity disco near Heide.

So we go there. On the way to the disco one girl says in the back: "I hope there is something to fuck with."

She's really keen to get a guy. She wants a guy and let it go right down there.

That's quite frankly told. It's just her friends and me as her best friend's friend, so why should not she?

We arrive there. The parking is still quite empty.

I park further back. In the front are already a few Turkish young men.

She gets out, of course, looks wide-eyed at them, says even when getting out: "Ah, there are a few guys."

One of these men looks right at us, grabs his crotch and scratches his balls.

She turns away immediately and says, "No, yuck."

One does not want to and she says: "I hope there are better guys there."

Of course, it was immediately clear to me what happened there.

The second situation:

I was in the sauna recently. There you have to go from outside, from the open space, where you can sunbathe, through a small corridor and then comes in the room, where the different saunas are.

This small hallway still has a door to another rest room.

There are glass panes everywhere. You can look in and out.

After the first sauna session I go out and sun me outside.

Come back in and go in, through this hallway, it itches very terrible under the testicles. Between anus and scrotum.

I think, "Boa, what is it?" And of course scratch me because it hurt terribly.

Okay, I'll go on how to do it as a man.

The second time, when I come back from the sauna, an hour later, the same thing happened to me at exactly the same place.

Just before going in, in this anteroom, so I'm still out on the sun, wants to go into this short corridor, it itches me.

I think, "That can not be true." Immediately it "clicks" in my head and I intentionally cut through the glass, into this rest room.

I see a woman lying there, who suddenly looks away shamelessly.

As well as: "Oh, God, now he has seen me."

You know that for sure, you notice immediately: "Oh, ever, now he has seen me."

Immediately I knew what was going on.

I still watched the woman there. She was alone.

Woman, alone in the sauna. Observe behind a pane of glass all the naked men who come in there.

What does she think?


Where she'll probably get a new dress, or what color the vase she wants to buy soon.

OK. So, you know what I mean.

The moment a woman thinks of sex or the man as a sex partner, or if he is sexually interesting, anything that has anything to do with sex, or just being a male, it makes the man itch Step.

So do not be surprised if you drooled at men, that they are in step.

It itches just brutal. It stings in and under the testicles, between anus and scrotum so strong that man just can not scratch it.

You have to do something because you can not go on like that.

And if you have that, you as women, then consider if you can use it somehow.

Because if you can do that, then you can also make pain elsewhere, through other thoughts.

They just have to be as strong and intense as this thought of man, of sex, of wanting to have, whatever you are thinking.

The thoughts are not always the same thoughts, but it's about what you want there and the chakra to which you dock.

So, check that, check that out, and if you can make itch in several places, such as: As scrotum, heart and head, then get in any case with me, because then you could start to make a championship.

For if you manage to itch at various intervals, possibly through a wall, then scientific proof of biokinesis, of telepathy, of pain production over long distances, finally succeeds.

So, keep trying and do not be put off by men who take the step.

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