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Why do I still love the bastard?

Dorina Gray 18 yo writes: Why do I still love him?

(This is a very long report. I'll summarize it briefly)

It's about a girl being with a boy.

They separate because he loves another.

They come together again. From where they come back together, he hurts them a lot and often.

He is vicious, says nasty things, has not really changed in time and is quite vile to her, u.s.w ..

He has done a lot of shit with her, broken her heart over and over again and hurt her.

She writes: Nevertheless, I love the bastard.

And asks: Can someone tell me why? And how do I get rid of it?

Hello Dorina
: The problem you have there, many women have, because they simply confused this good feeling in her belly with love.

They do not know where this good feeling comes from. But I explain it here:

Your "friend" finds you inferior than yourself. He finds you worse than himself. He dislikes you.

He hates something about you. This hatred, this sense of being of higher value, generates energy in it.

Rejection – you know that for sure, when you're mad at someone, all your anger, all your hatred for him.

That's pretty easy with your friend, but always in your direction.

Maybe he does not say it, or he will not let you know, in any case, there is a strong dislike.

You get that aversion, that energy, that pure energy radiated by it.

But you do not realize that it is actually hate or rejection.

Now you get that energy and feel good because you have more of it.

It's like a light bulb shining in your direction, it radiates its hatred, its energy in your direction.

You get it and feel comfortable with it.

You realize that good feeling, what you have in your stomach comes from him. He is the cause.


You now have this beautiful feeling, know it comes from him and think that is love.

It's basically love. This is how love works.

Love is giving – giving energy, and when someone does that, others love it for it.

But the masses of people give off energy when they hate each other. Your energy flows in the direction of the hated person and they feel good.

For example: The boy who is scared has the other boy coming and bullying him. He sits there, sees the bully from afar: "Think, oh, God, I hope he does not come to me."

The energy flows in the direction of the mobber and he has nothing to do but go straight to him and start some action again to get all the energy that the fearsome radiates.

And that's the same with you, Dorina. Your friend radiates the energy.

Not in the form of love, but in the form of "you are inferior", "bastard", "slut", whatever.

You then get energy, realize you have more and know it comes from him.

You feel comfortable and think you love him

You also have a good feeling in the stomach. I believe you about that. That comes from him.

The reason why it comes from him is not what you want.

How do you get rid of him?

You have to separate yourself. You have to separate his energy from you.

Of course, this is not made easy by writing a letter saying, "I hate you," or turning around and walking away, because energy flows all over.

You can build a shield around you.

Imagine sitting under a bell that shields you.

Imagine that you are in a ball of loving angel energy.

Or, imagine, you have angels that cut the connection to him.

Imagine an evil spirit that helps you prevent this energy in your direction.

You can also make him love you. By the way, it will also stop. If he wants something from you.

Make him dependent on you, then the good feeling stops in your stomach.

Or separate that in some other way. In esoteric literature, which I recommend again and again, there are enough variants to separate yourself from this energy.

Pentagram ritual is also a possibility.

And then you feel free.

Of course you do not have the feeling of love anymore, but you are no longer dependent on it and you do not have to constantly think about how you get the guy back.

I hope my answer helped you, of course you too.