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Why are emotions becoming more intense?

Savanna 31 writes:

What is happening here, why are emotions getting more and more intense?

I am married and have been with a man for 7 years. Before we got together, I had a friend, with whom I was together for 5 years. We lived together and actually had a great relationship. Until I split up because I did not get rid of the feeling of not loving this man for a long time.
The separation was pretty unpleasant for him. Because he loved me deeply.
I did not think much about this past until two years ago, because I love my husband very much. Shortly after our wedding, it began to make me dream of my ex-boyfriend. And not from time to time, but for almost 2 years, at least 4 to 5 times a week.
The dreams always have this sequence: we meet, miss each other, become a couple again. The feelings are so insanely real that I often wake up with tears in my eyes in the morning.
A few times it also happens that he holds me down a bit.
To him: He's also been in a solid partnership for 6 years, as far as I know.
But I have absolutely no contact with him and have seen him only once during the whole time. That was a year ago. We greeted each other briefly and that was it.
I was with a very good Reiki Master a few months ago, who said that this man was drawing a lot of energy away from me, and severed that gang. For a short time I did not have those dreams any more. But that was only about two to three weeks.
So far the dreams have become more intense and my feelings during the day are driving me crazy. I feel such an intense longing for this man, as if he was for me and everything. Like I'm lovesick like a 16 year old.
I'm sure you can imagine that the whole thing is slowly but surely breaking my life and turning my whole life upside down.
I would like to know from you, if you have an explanation for this. Why is this man pulling my energy? Is he feeling sick or does he blame me? Is it possible that he thinks of me as well and I might feel it?
What can I do?

So Savanna, the thing is this:
The guy loved you in the beginning. Has drained energy, he wanted to have you.
As a result, you did not love him anymore. So your love for him has gone away. You did not have that feeling anymore because he did not give you love. Love is giving. Give energy.
Well, he just took. You felt bad, you did not want to be with him anymore, you parted.
Now it feels like you're feeling incredibly in love again and wanting to be with him.
That in turn has to do with the fact that he does not want to be with you.
Now he's actually giving you that love. He rejects you, thus his life energy flows to you, which makes you butterflies in the stomach and makes you in love. So, he does not drain your energy, he gives you some now.
Now the situation is almost exactly reversed. You are attracted to him because he gives you love. While, before, it was like he was attracted to you because you gave him love.

What's going on right now, you're thinking about him, drawing energy from him. He feels bad. He is in pain somewhere. In the back, in the abdomen, in the heart, wherever, and he fights against this pain, in his chest, in his stomach, in his head, and gives energy into it.
But this painful place is the one from which you draw the energy.
So, stop that. Or talk to him. Clarify the relationship that you are really apart. Otherwise you are still responsible for getting a serious illness.