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What is psychokinesis

Definition: Psychokinesis (or telekinesis) is the ability to influence objects, events or living things without muscular interventions.

There is always a living being that triggers this phenomenon. This, also called "transmitter" Biokinet / Psychokinet, Pyrokinet, etc. is the source of information of a signal coming from a head
is transferred to another. The transmitter takes mental contact and affects the target in the desired manner.
The signals referred to here are rarely heard, seen, smelled, tasted and felt by third persons. Nor are they measurable today with technical aids. (If you know a measuring method, call me!)

Some psychokines have a recipient. A psychokinetic receiver is a living entity that can accept or receive or assign or pronounce the information (signals, messages) broadcast by broadcasters.
In biokinesis it is the offending creature and in vitakinesis the being to be healed.
In telepathy, it is the recipient of words and images.
In empathy, it is the recipient of the emotions.
The receiver perceives the signals as feelings, sounds, tastes, lights, compulsion, calls for action, pain or other sensation. In remote viewing and some aggressive psychokines, the recipient is also called a target