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Why "unasked questions" create pain

Why even unasked questions can create pain:

Someone has a big, important question for you. He wants to know something. But decency forbids him from asking that question. Because it doesn't belong. Because he's learned that you don't do something like that. Because you're married. For whatever reason, he thinks he can't ask that question. But the question interests him burning. So he starts talking around. He asks everything possible.
Take the example: A work colleague finds you sexually attractive, but you are married.
Now the colleague wants to test whether you'd be willing to get into bed with him or you just come to a pub for a drink. He knows though you have a partner, be faithful, go home again tonight, all okay.
So, his questions are:
' Would you get into bed with me? '
"Do we go for a drink together after work?"
"Would it possibly become something?"
"Are you interested in me?"
But he cannot ask the questions in this way. He doesn't want to even. It may also prohibit the working environment from asking these questions in this way.
So he asks very different questions. He asks you about your hobbies, your holiday, something else. And yet you have itching or pain in the crotch. None of his questions suggest this and you can't establish a relationship between the questions he asks and the itch in your step. Because none of the questions asked have to do with sex. Still, he has that question. He asks around. Because neither the question nor the words you ask create the itch, but the interest in itself.
The question and interest create the pain in the other. So you have to listen out what the other one wants. In which direction this is heading.
You can simply drop terms associated with the chakra, where you can use the itching. Pain. If it's in stride, just talk briefly about sex. You quickly notice what's coming.
If you have abdominal pain, talk briefly about feelings, then the other can ask his question much more easily, and you notice much faster in which direction this is going.
If you have heartbreak, it's about any cordial relationship, somewhere love.
When it comes to the neck or rib cage, it's about communication. Someone wants you to say something to him. He wants to have a chat with you. He just finds your voice beautiful.
If it's a headache, someone wants to have the information from your brain. For example:
"When is your presentation ready?"
"Did you complete your task?"
"Can you take on the next task?"
' When are you finally done? '
"What else are you thinking about?"

So again: Not always are the questions that are asked, even the questions that create the pain. The question with the other may be quite different. You've got to try to listen that out.

But there is another problem, I'll tell you next time.



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