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Wandering Pain – The 10th Problem of biokinesis

Why walking pain is such a big problem in biokinesis:

Wandering pain is the itching or pain that occurs in different places one after the other. You have z. Itching on the head, then on the nose, then maybe on the ear, on the neck, on the chest and then on the stomach.
A normal person can not connect at all. He then scratches his head, nose, ear … on the stomach. He thinks, "Oh, that's the belt."
But the real cause is different. There is somebody who has a lot of questions for you and turns them on to you one after the other.
A good example is, before a negotiation: the negotiating partners think one over the other. "Does he react to my words? – Does he hear? How he hears? – What does he perceive? – What do I have to do to make him look good to him? – Will he talk to me for a long time? – Can I give him a hearty To build up a relationship?"
These are questions that a negotiating partner poses before the negotiation. He is thinking of you. And you have itching, pain on the head on the neck … the feeling of anxiety in the stomach anyway, because he has all these questions and because he just, when you feel the itching, the pain, they go through each other.
You may think there are many people who think of you when you have a lot of itching. But it can just be one who has many questions for you and goes through one by one. A lot of itching does not mean many people who think of you, but just a lot of questions that one or more poses are uninteresting.
Much itching, many questions. Much pain, many questions. Strong pain, strong questions. Strong itching, strong stinging, strong interest of the other. That's how easy it works.


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