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Feeling looks on your back-that's how it goes.

Can you feel looks on your back? No, you can't. But you can feel something else when who looks at us.

On 27.04.2016, the GWUP published an article: Can you feel looks? A Christoph Drössler has written a column: Can we feel someone staring at us from behind?
And this is a newspaper clipping or article published by the 19.02.2005, among other things it says: Regrets no. You can't feel looks, says Dr. Rainer Wolf, a biologist and physicist at the Biozentrum of the University of Würzburg.
And now it's getting funny for a moment. What do you think, he goes on, how revolutionary would it be for science if the looks could be felt in your back? That would be the first credible evidence of a paranormal phenomenon.
This suggests that it does not exist, because it has not yet been proven. How paradoxical.
The article goes on to ensure that candidates from the audience volunteered for a test, then diced and a hundred and thirty people then looked at the candidates. They stood with their backs to the audience and no one in the test subjects felt any of that. So it has been proven that this sort of thing does not work.
So, now I'll tell you where the mistakes lie.
The first mistake is that you pick any people. You can't pick any people and say, "Feel if you're feeling the look on your back right now."
People need to have a low perception threshold. I mean by that, if you work hard, if you have stress at home, if you eat a lot of chemical stuff messed up, then your thoughts get messed up in your head. You're not in balance. You are not calm, serene and free. You can't feel your body at all. You can't even remember when someone is looking at you, when someone is thinking of you. You can't do that at all. You have to be calm, calm and free, not working for a long time, no sport, whatever.
If you have stress, if you work hard, do a lot of sport, you can't do that. You can't feel your body so good, notice every little piece on your back when you're working hard.
The second thing is that it's not really the look you feel, but someone wants something from you. In this post, the example was you walk across a big square, feel itching in the back, someone cucks after you, you turn around and fact, at the other end of the place someone cucks you.
It's not the look that makes you have itching on your back, that you have this pruritus sine materia, but the someone wants something from you. He just thought, "Is that the Uschi I see?" His acquaintance is called Uschi, the woman up there also has black hair like Uschi, and he is now considering, is she?
Or you want to meet up with your girlfriend, you run there long and have this itch on your back. Now she sees you from the other end of the place and ponders: "Hey man, isn't that Claudia? She goes there after all. Oh man, we wanted to meet here! " Then you have this itch on your back, and only then.
When you stand at the cheese counter and there a woman looks around the corner and thinks, "Isn't this my work colleague?," you have this itch on your back. And we don't want to forget that you turn around more often. So there are people who turn around more often, and don't see anyone who looks. But this does not have to be related to the fact that no one thought of them or saw them. No, he may have walked away. I see the Uschi behind, it turns around and zag I'm behind the corner because I realized that's not her, I don't need to look up any longer. Or, I'm standing at the cheese counter, the woman who sees me recognizes-as I turn around to look at if there's someone cucking that that's not her work colleague and disappears behind the sausage shelf. I turn because I think someone looked at me there and there's nobody there. But there was someone who just walked away.
And that's the same, with the view from behind, it works. So once again, if you have itching somewhere, and look around and see someone cuddling, just try yourself, go and ask what he thought. Can it be good that five out of ten people don't give you an answer, turn away or ask, "What shit do you want to know? What do you care about? " But one, two answers you maybe, and then you'll notice just that. ' I've considered if you're my girlfriend. Whether you're my work colleague. I wanted to know what you were doing there right now. I have considered whether I know you, "etc .. These are all the questions (see Albrecht's Biokinese table poster) that create itching in your back.
That's how it works. So it is not a look in itself that what those tested by GWUP want in this Chamber, but this have. If this experiment were to be rebuilt and let us say ten euros would be promised to all people when they find out which profession Person No. 3 did. We are offering the ten euros to the people so that they have a real, genuine interest in finding out. So, they want to have the ten euros, and think really strongly of Person No. 3, just by their thoughts. You'd have to try. I think that should work. So, in front there are four people from the audience, it gets diced, the cube shows the 3, the four all stand with their backs to the audience, and all people were offered ten euros for it beforehand when they find out what kind of profession it has. Then would have to be No. 3, according to my theory, have pain in my head. If he works a lot, does a lot of sports, etc., it takes a little longer, maybe he doesn't even notice it, But if you put people up front who are sensitive, are receptive to it, for example. B. Healer, or simply four unemployed people who are much at home, move little and deal with esotericism. So just people who are sensitive, who are receptive, who pay attention to their bodies, who aren't hardened, then that would work the same way. Suddenly, the proof would be there that looks on the back, in our case, that the thoughts of individuals create pain. Presumably a headache in this case. It would be as simple as that to test. All that really does be for someone to do, dare to do that and do it more often with different audiences and then we would have proof that this works.

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