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Umbrella Association Spiritual Healing (DGH) Association and Congress – my experience

Here I would like to tell you what I have experienced in the umbrella organization Spiritual Healing (DGH):

I am currently sitting in Waiblingen in the underground car park, under the Bürgerhaus and waiting for the beginning of the seminar with Alexander Hartmann. This is a hypnosis seminar I would like to see. I still have a little time, that's why I make the video or the post here now and not at home.

In November 2018, I found in the network the umbrella organization Spiritual Healing. This is an association in which healers do together to get along better together, that's how I understood it.
What I was particularly interested in was that they have a lawyer who seems to be familiar with all kinds of cases, including what may and may not be written on websites. I thought that was very interesting and I thought: "You have to register now."
So written e-mail, printed form and sent. At some point, on a Thursday evening between 18:30 and 19:00, I suddenly had a toothache. It was extraordinary toothache. That's why I knew that this belonged to the DGH. So right side, molars, up and down hurt.
I remember something to find out if there was something there.
The next day I check my e-mails, find an e-mail that has been sent at 19:30, from the 2. Chairman of the umbrella organization Spiritual Healing.
"Okay," I thought, "I'm curious what she wants."
She wrote, she would like to talk to me.
I think it's unusual. I have co-founded two clubs, when there is a new member logs in, then you confirm that there is, requires the contribution and the matter is resolved.
I wrote back when I have time and she can get in touch. She then called, four or five days later.
I was terribly curious. I have a toothache while she is writing the e-mail. The toothache stops as she sends the e-mail. What does the woman want ?, I thought.
The 15-minute conversation was all about my e-mail address not being right.
I have to explain briefly, I have an e-mail catcher, d. H. all e-mails that arrive at my domain come into my mailbox, and I always put the text in front of the @ with the company name where I'm logging in right now. So if I sign up with company XY, then the e-mail address I leave there is called XY@watchkido.de or XY@biokinese.de or XY@esgehtnurumenergie.de.
And this DGH absolutely did not suit the woman. She made that clear to me quite clearly.
"Okay," I thought, "you could change that, too, if that's so important to you."
Anyway, the conversation just ended like that. We did not agree to change the e-mail address.
Now I've been waiting for a confirmation. December is slowly coming to an end, no one came.
Shortly before Christmas I see then that the DGH makes a congress. End of October 2019 or so, and there spokesperson is looking for. "Oh," I thought, "great!"
I am someone who can explain how pain arises through thought. So how diseases arise. And there are healers who can eliminate pain that can help eliminate disease. Fits perfectly. I can explain how it comes about, explain how it disappears. B. with shamanic rituals, u.s.w ..
In the last few years I have been a little bit informed about shamans and about ghost healers. So I sat down at Christmas and worked out a lecture for two days during my vacation. That went pretty fast, I know the topic. It was necessary to list exactly what is said, the order of how long the lecture lasts, and so on. Then sent all this to the DGH and waited for my confirmation as a member, and whether the lecture will be accepted, so I may speak at the congress.
On the website of DGH was, the application must be submitted by 06.01.2019 and at the latest by the end of February 2019 you will be notified whether you are accepted or not.
February was already over, but nothing came. On 08. March, I thought, now you have to report there, that can not be. So an email written there.
The secretary of the DGH knew nothing.
Again written an e-mail. The answer was: Yes, your presentation was not accepted, we sent you an e-mail.
Of course I immediately checked all my emails. Nothing arrived. A little later I get an email in which she writes, yes on 02. December or mid December would have me the 2. Chairwoman wrote that with the access to the association umbrella organization Spiritual Healing does not work. That was all.
This was my experience with the umbrella organization Spiritual Healing.

Of course, now I'm wondering. The boss or the 2. Boss is a lawyer. So I co-founded two clubs. In my opinion, you can not refuse any members from the club, if they sign up there, that's not.
The second thing is, the woman works in the umbrella organization Spiritual Healing. She has a website that deals with healing, but she causes toothache, even with such small things as the words DGH in an e-mail address.
How much pain does this woman cause when someone steps on her feet?
How much pain does the woman cause, if she has really hate, or wants to choke someone right?
Since I ask myself, in an umbrella mental healing, may there be such people at the top?
Okay, I wanted to get in there, too, and I know how to do that and how it happens. But may a 2. Chairperson be so unconscious that she makes a toothache because of an e-mail address?



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