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The backfire effect – biokinesis for skeptics.

Biokinesis for skeptics today: Politicians and skeptics, people against esoterics, are dealing with a serious problem: The so-called backfire effect. Let me quote briefly: Backfire effect in political science is the phenomenon that new facts that contradict one's own political views can solidify them even more. Esotericism is also beating that up, because skeptics are trying to figure out what they can do that their arguments, esoterics, are not driving more into esotericism. I'll tell […]

When the witch is killed – That's how it works.

You can be slain as a witch anywhere in the world, no matter where you are. It does not matter if you are one or not. Why it is like that: An article by nickpol has been published in the Bright block (Bright – The Nature of Doubt): The title is: Wife and daughter slain as alleged witches in India. I summarize the article briefly: It says that a 56-year-old woman and her daughter were […]

What can I do if I no longer love my husband?

In the comments Lena asked: What can I do if I no longer love my husband? So what can you do if you no longer love your husband? What can a woman do that realizes: I do not love my husband anymore? The feeling is no longer there. There is something missing. I only took him because I love him. Now this is not there anymore. For that you have to understand the following: When […]

Biokinesis and attractiveness 6/6

How to become more attractive with the help of biokinesis: Why is the Milf so interesting? For those who do not know what a Milf is: As Milf young men call older women, so z. B. the mother of the best buddy. Why is she so interesting? And why does not the Milf care about you as a young man? Very easily. For her as a mother, it's clear: she's not going to do anything […]





Biokinesis and attractiveness 3/6

How to become more attractive with the help of biokinesis: Why is self-esteem attractive? You are aware of yourself. You feel your body, you know what you want. You know what you do not want. You cut everything out of your life, what you do not want to have. You bring in your life what you want. You are self-confident. Self-confidence has a lot to do with energy. You have the power to change your […]

Biokinesis and attractiveness 2/6

How to become more attractive with the help of biokinesis you will find out here today: Of course, there are also foods that make you attractive. Fresh fruits and vegetables is better than the hamburger and chips. Wherever we have to say, there are also people who can eat healthily by simply going to Mac Donald's for years and eating burgers. How can that be? The true, honest and deeply convinced thought: "That makes me […]

Biokinesis and attractiveness 1/6

How to become more attractive with the help of biokinesis: If you already know that you are attractive, if you know that your breasts, your washboard belly, your butt, your face, your character, are attractive, then you are 1. wrong here Second Do you already put energy into these things? That means, you know, your bosom is beautiful, tight. You have a nicer bosom than the others. You give energy into it. The bosom, you, […]

Enlightenment: Depression in school

Finally tie education on depression into school lessons, Mr Piazolo. That calls for Alexander Spörli and music jam studios in an online petition. Why this does not work, and why the petition itself is a mistake: In this online petition, which incidentally today (as of June 2019) have already signed 34,262 people, Alexander calls that information about depression in the school lessons should be included. He wants to be told about depression as well as […]

Time Difference – The 13th Reason why you do not recognize biokinesis

The 13th Reason why you do not realize that biokinesis exists, that someone thinks about you much later than you think he thinks. I explain to you here how this happens: You know that for sure, something happens to you throughout the day. You lie in bed in the evening and then get really angry about what happened there during the day, because you just remember that. The moment that you remember what happened there […]

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