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Timedelay-The 4th Problem in biokinesis

The timedelay or the time lag that fourth major problem in detecting biokinesis:

Not always pain occurs immediately when someone else thinks of you. Not always do you have the thought immediately that someone else sends you. This has to do with the fact that the idea is practically at the back. If you've just got something to do, you're drifting. B. watching sports, or thinking about something important, and the other thinks of you, then that thought or pain is registered in your brain. When your brain has time to perceive your body again, suddenly that pain or thought that someone else has sent you emerges.
Timedelay (time delay), a big reason why many people don't realise others are creating their pain. A key reason skeptics say, "This is all nonsense. The colleague thought of me 20 minutes ago that he wanted to call me, but I'm only getting the thought now. "
Timedelay, because I now have time to pick up thoughts again, because I no longer use the brain area responsible for thoughts. That is why the idea can come up. I remember, "Ah, he's going to call me." But that's what he thought of 20 minutes ago. But I had something to do for those 20 minutes, so the thought couldn't penetrate into my consciousness at all.


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