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Thought – anxiety – Alzheimer's

On 23.01.2018 the Ärzteblatt.de writes: Anxiety disorder could be a precursor to Alzheimer's / dementia.

Why is it true that first add the fear and then Alzheimer I tell you here:

The report is about old people first developing anxiety disorders and then Alzheimer's / dementia.
So, now looking for the first time old people are afraid and then research for years if they may also get a dementia. The thing is actually completely logical. There's an old man, an old woman. The children are worried. Can he still do that? Did nothing happen to her? How is he? Does he have enough to eat and drink? Do I have to go shopping again?
It's her parents. Of course they are worried. And the old ones have little to do, sit a lot at home, do not do much and so become more and more sensitive to other people's thoughts. Because the children are worried now, they are pulling, they want to know, they want to have: how are you? What is he doing? Is he still good on foot? Does he get something to eat? Did he drink enough?
The kids think of them and the old people get scared. It is a lack of energy among the elderly and an energy surplus in the children. So there's the fear. And then the kids want mom and dad to remember they drink enough. They want them to think about going somewhere again. And this "I want you to have that in mind" triggers these memory gaps and dementia. And if, on top of that, I still want to have "I want you to remember everything!", Then the ability to remember is wiped out in the brain.
A good example of this, you've probably already experienced, is the school. The teacher, who already knows the answer to his question, asks you for something. Just now you knew it and then suddenly blackout. The head is empty. You do not know what to say.
The teacher knew the answer, made a direct connection to the answer in your brain and deactivated it. That's how it works. The teacher wants you to answer his question: "What is 10 + 14?" with "24", reply.
So the teacher calls you, now he wants you to tell him, and you can not. This is how biokinesis works. I want to have something and the other one can not do it. Or, I do not want someone to do anything specific, and that's what he does.
You have already experienced it. Sunburn on the shoulder. You go to school. Never before did someone knock on your shoulder and say, "Hey, how are you?" But if you have a sunburn and you do not want anyone on your shoulder, they do it. Or the boss in the company. You do not want him to come and look over your shoulder like you're working on the computer, and then he'll come. And the more that bothers you, the better the boss feels watching over your shoulder as you work.
There are a thousand other examples of how it works. Kuck in your life. What do you refuse and what happens anyway? What do you want and what does not happen? I'm not talking about wanting a million that will not come then. I'm talking about things you want from other people, or things you want other people to not do. That's exactly the same. That's how it works. These are any radio waves between your head and the other's head that cause the other to react.
If you want to have: Do not do that! You reject it, and he does it. This is how biokinesis works.