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Is anyone thinking of me when I dream?

I found a nice question on the internet again: Th
inking. Who thinks of whom? H
ello your loved ones. A friend and I often exchange ideas about various topics via WhatsApp. We currently have it with dreaming. On the other hand, we try to find out tips and tricks about our dreams. Now the question arose today: If necessary, do you dream of the former girlfriend's ex-partner, because this person might be thinkin
g of one? So we take this, for example: Do I dream of my ex-boyfriend because he thinks of me or do I get messages from my subconscious? Is it about a review for myself or am I just thinking about him because he's thinking about me?

That's two different things. Once this dream. If you're dreaming up stuff that you haven't processed that your brain has yet to process because so much happens, for example, then these people or things pop up in your dreams to process them, put them in the right order, let's say salad into the Sort the right drawer in your brain. T
he second thing is that of course you dream of a certain person when they are thinking of you. So, you're lying in bed, early at 6:00, your ex-boyfriend is just going to work, passing the park bench you first kissed at. He thinks of you. And you get a dream of his the moment you're still lying in bed, because he's thinking of you. It's possibly a nice dream because first kiss, etc. Here it is not a workmanship, because he thinks of you you dream of him.
The second thing is, if you think about someone in the running of the day, he just thought of you. Even if it's been years, the ex-boyfriend, your girlfriend's boyfriend or another person, no matter. This person remembers an experience they had with you, of you, wants to ask you something or just know how you're doing. You get the thought and with you in your head the memory you have of that person is stimulated. So you, too, think of them. This doesn't have to be the same situation you're thinking about, you've only been pinged on, like a computer. Like the ping on the computer on the internet, where one ping asks the other: Hey, are you still there, can I transfer yo
u data? Someone thinks of you, the energy flows briefly to you or is briefly subtracted from you, you get this little ping, this little suggestion and then think about it again. This brain area is briefly activated or deactivated briefly, so you notice that and then think of that person. This can swing up, of course, because when you think of her, she can be pinged back on, which leads her to call you and ask how you are, etc. Or it's just that someone thinks of you you don't like. You push the thought out of my head as quickly as possible, get out of my head, and the thing is done. Maybe this person wanted something, but you pushed them out of your head and that's why nothing just happens there. But you still got these pings from her.

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