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Success for Looser. So is done.

Energy is neutral.
Applied, it can perform positives such as negatives.
I explain how energy can be guided.
The decision is up to everyone themselves.

If you want to successfully perform a success spell:
That you want to make a success spell at all shows you are not successful. You want to force success or do something to make you succeed. So we just start where the reason lies that you don't succeed. It's your attitude to the goal. You want to have that goal, you pull on that goal, and I maintain because you pull on that goal because you want it, because your heart is out of place on this thing, because your concentration is aligned with that thing, you don't get i
t. Now I'll tell you how to change that. First, remember the things you don't like and how you feel about it. You don't like something, whatever that is now (every person has completely different stuff there), and you feel rejection. But those things are with you. And then there are other things you want to have, and that's when you feel envy, greed, longing, love, whatev
er. So you don't have to do anything more than swap those two things. You have to try to love the things you hate. That's the whole trick. In concrete terms, this means that if, for example, you next drive into the city and want to have a parking space, then don't long for a parking space, don't wish you to have a free parking space, but wish that all parking spaces are occupied. Wish you that all the people in the area have parked their car in the parking lots where you want to go, namely in front of the post office, in front of the clothes shop you want to go to. So turn the energy ar
ound. The way you are now, it has led to the living situation you are in. If you turn that around, so love the negative stuff that gets on your nerves, then they disappear, just as that disappeared before, that you wanted to have, or. That that didn't come what you wanted. You have to understand the basic principle. Then comes a long period of adjustment, the attempts you make to take the matter into your life and then you can.