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Special features in bioinesis-rhythmic itching

I have two examples of rhythmic pain and its causes:

The first example: You have two seconds of pain, then five seconds no pain, two seconds of pain, five seconds no pain. This is what goes on.
One reason may be that someone is not trying to think about you. Someone doesn't want to think about you. Someone wants to stop them thinking about you all the time. So, he has a question for you, but he finds you're a real ass, he doesn't want anything to do with you at all. Now he distracts his thoughts, is gone again and now but this anger comes up again, zag he thinks about you again and that question. You did something to him, you talked badly about him or her … And zag he's back with the thoughts with you.
Now he realizes again: "Hach, God, I'm already thinking of this stupid cow again."
He distracts himself, thinks of the beautiful trees in front of the house, of a blue elephant, of something, is distracted, goes on and suddenly the trouble comes up again. And zack he is with you again with thought: "The stupid cow dirty me the presentation. Messed up the numbers. Has completed. Made a joke. Has rushed over me. "
And already it's back. Two seconds of pain, not five seconds, or four seconds of pain, not for a minute. Four seconds of pain, one minute not.
These pains often have to do with someone not trying to think about you.

The second thing that generates rhythmic pain is the following:
Example: My wife wanted me to review her children's book. She also knows, though, that I'm harshly critical.
I said, "That doesn't fit in. This is illogical. Or, so a 15-year-old boy wouldn't react. "
This led to this: She definitely wanted me to review this book, for me to control this book with her and she definitely didn't want me to control this book because it was too hard for her what I'm saying there. She wanted to and she didn't want to. These two states were there, between which it is always back and forth. At the same time, I got an outgrowth on my right arm, like a wart. Terribly itched the part, for two days and it got bigger. It started, was small and got bigger and bigger. It was almost a millimetre tall. Not a pimple, but rather an outgrowth as you know it, as some people have on their necks. Coward warts are called the, or something in style. That's what it looked like, just very small. Or like a liver stain, but it wasn't dark. And terribly itched. Always had to scratch I had to. Always scratch. And when this question was settled, I already knew that this itch was triggered by a greedy question, we came up that she definitely didn't want me to control this book and definitely want me to control this book. And in between, she's always swung back and forth. After the matter was resolved, the outgrowth disappeared completely within a few days.
So if you have an itch, pain that suddenly occurs with skin change even, and quite starkly itches back and forth, repeatedly itches, then there is someone who is in dichotomy, between two questions, between two opposite questions, between two things that he knows about you or Wants to have.
This is a great example. Someone wants something and doesn't want to again. For example, your son, who wants to have pocket money, definitely and more than you give him, but on the other hand does not want to come to you and ask, because you may send him to bed, because it is already late. Or that you might ask him about homework. He definitely wants to ask you something, but by no means meet you. This then creates this tingling itch that keeps coming. Or other example: The boss wants you to give a presentation. You have to hold them because you're a supervisor in a department, but actually he doesn't want to hear them at all because you make them so grots-bad. He wants you to make them and he doesn't want you to make them. In between, he swings back and forth. He may also be thinking about making someone else, but doesn't leave because you're head of department and in charge of those numbers. Or, because you're the only professional who can do that. And that creates that itch that keeps coming and going. Quite quickly one after the other. Possibly also with skin change.


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