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That's how beautiful men become gay

Why are beautiful men gay? Or, why are there so many beautiful, gay men?

From the point of view of biokinesis, the matter is easy to explain. In the beginning was the beautiful man, the man who takes care of his clothes, his appearance, and had a lot of sex with women. Women wanted sex with him.
Women wanted a lot from him. Wanting this, this greed of women leads to the fact that the man does not want to have anything to do with women anymore. He feels bad in the presence of women because they want so much from him. You know that well. When you're at school, the teacher wants you to get up and give a lecture, and you just feel like shit, excited. The whole class wants you to do that, just not get it yourself, and you feel like shit.
It's the same with the man. Many women want to have him, lose their life energy, make him feel bad in the stomach. So, handsome man with a bad feeling in his stomach when he sees women or has to do with women. Men hate him for it. Other men find it shitty that the guy has it so easy to get women. They thereby send hate energy to him.
So, women want to have, weaken their energy, make them feel bad. While other men hate him, send the energy to him and make him feel good. At some point it will click on it. He realizes he feels comfortable with men, not with women. He thinks, "Oh, I have to be gay. I'm sure I'm gay. "
This goes even further, if he outed himself. When he says, "Yeah, okay, I'm gay." Then women want to have sex with him even more, want to convert him, want to make him happy, bring him back to the right bank.
While other men hate him even more for it. Now this cycle gets even stronger. Women pull even more, men hate him even more, and above all his friends, relatives, acquaintances, and those who are terribly embarrassed that he has become gay now, are adding energy, that the guy is gay ,
So, women are pulling at him, making him feel bad. All the others who are against the guy being gay inject energy into it. They hate him for it, they want to turn him over, they want to bring him back to the right bank, so they inject energy into it. With him in the head bad feeling in women, good feeling when he thinks he is gay, when he thinks that he rummert with other men, u.s.w .. And from now on the guy realizes he's gay because he feels good near men and feels bad near women.
The thing would be very easy to clarify. If he would use psychic protection, if he would protect himself mentally, mentally, morally, mentally, with a protective ball, with all the esoteric methods that exist. From there, he would no longer penetrate the hatred of the other men and the greed of women, to him. He would be more or less emotional and would realize, "I'm not gay at all. I'm perfectly normal. "And then it would be alright again.
But he starts to move strangely, possibly make-up …
In this way, it can happen that someone is gay. This is not a disease. Other people make strange sounds in the same way, or develop other ticks.
You probably also know people doing strange things. Girls scratching, u.s.w .. Exactly the same basic principle, can be explained with the biokinesis super. Works just like that with some people. Of course not at all. I'm not talking about people who had traumatic childhood experiences. This is the view of biokinesis on beautiful, gay men.

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