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Rhetorical question = No pain and no itching

Why rhetorical questions don't create pain, even though they have the same wording that one question creates the pain:

A rhetorical question, a question you just ask without really wanting to know what the answer is, doesn't create pain. But the same question, asked with great interest, creates a lot of pain.
A nice example is the morning question on the job: "HI, how does it go? All okay? '
That's a question, it's purely rhetorical. No one wants to know how you're really doing. But if there really is someone who asks this question and really wants to know how you are doing, then you are doing badly. The questioner pulls energy off you. He wants to have information from you. It disables a part in your brain where that information is. He wants to have them from you. He wants you to tell him how you're doing. This then creates the pain, the malaise, etc.
So again. A purely rhetorical question does not create pain, while a question that is really asked with interest creates pain. After all, it is not the question or the words that create the pain in you. But the interest, this HAVE WOLLEN of the other. The greed on the information in your head. That creates the pain. The lack of information in the questioner's head creates the pain when he wants the answers.
So, remember well. Not everyone asks, although they listen to each other the same, create pain.


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