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Replication crisis – no problem with biokinesis

There has been a so-called replication crisis in the sciences for years. That is, the scientific studies can not be understood by other scientists.
Now scientists are blaming each other for shitting each other and looking for solutions to this problem. Now raw data will be published, from the experiments, u.s.w ..

What these scientists can learn from psychokinesis to make their studies solid, I'll tell you now:

From the psychokinesis or especially the biokinesis is known that a human, or one brain can act on another. That there is energy flowing between the two brains. So far so good.
If someone wants to have something from the other, he deactivates that the other can give it.
Let us take a very simple example:
A scientist goes to a school class to do an experiment there. He wants to prove that students prefer writing with felt-tip pens rather than pencils.
He wants students to write with felt-tip pens rather than pencils. That's what he wants to prove with the study.
Now he's doing some experiments. He distributes pencils and felt-tip pens, etc., but wants the students to use felt-tip pens.
Well, we know how young people are. Whether you tell them or not, they always do the opposite.
Why? Because her brain is very responsive to what others want.
You know that from yourself. If someone comes to you and makes it clear: "Hey, give me that!", You have a dislike. You have a bad feeling about it. This bad feeling comes because the other one has Will. He pulls at you.
So, back to the study. The scientist will have students write with felt-tip pens. But they all write with pencils.
Now he has his structure and has proved with it: Students prefer to write with pencils.
But they do not really do that. But they only do that now because the scientist wanted them to write with felt-tip pens. Okay, the study is done. It will be published. He did that with three classes, that's significant, the students prefer writing with pencils from those angles, as he built the experiment.
Now the study is being published, some scientists are seeing it, very good, and now other scientists are coming and want to repeat this experiment. Watch out! But they go in with a completely different purpose, with a completely different presumption.
They go in with the presumption: Students prefer writing with pencils.
They do the same experiment, just like the first one, but want to have it proven that students prefer to write with pencils. And what happens? In the repeated experiment, students prefer writing with felt-tip pens.
Biokinesis, psychokinesis, this influence of wanting, of greed on other people, is ignored in these experiments at all, this factor. And that's where these problems come from. This experiment is not repeatable and not replicable.
And so it will be with hundreds, maybe even thousands, of experiments that just ignore the fact that one brain acts on the other. If I'm greedy for the other doing something, then he does not.

So, dear scientists, who are reading this here:
If your study is not replicable, pay attention to biokinesis. You have to do double and double blind studies. The guy doing the experiment may not know where that is. He must also not think about what the meaning of the experiment could be. For only by doing so does he influence the experiment. Theoretically, one would have to do it with machines or computers, where the scientist who set up the experiment does not know at all which school class, where in Germany, is being tested. And not at all at what time.
The scientist may not know the time, place, or target group. Otherwise he will be able to form a spiritual connection to the group and thereby falsify the experiment.
So, when it comes to people, who should or should not do something, whenever it comes to people, where to watch, what they do, when they do it, and that influences or just needs to be looked at, if so there must be nobody there who wants to have that happen. Who wants to have the goal. Otherwise the study will be falsified.


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