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Relationship Destroy-Tutorial

If you're a bad girl, and you want to steal the guy from another girl, then you're right here. What you first need to understand is that the two exchange loved ones and love. That is, this love is like energy and it flows from one to the other. They write beautiful words via WhatsApp, they feel good about it. They have good sex, feel good about it. They are spiritually connected because they have the same God over the seventh, eighth, ninth chakra flows their energy back and forth. They just have a cordial relationship. Energy flows from heart to heart. All you have to do is be nice to both of them, and imagine every night that between them is something like a black hole, that sucks up all their energy. So, he and she, in between this black hole, a black wall, something that soaks up the energy from both sides. As a result, neither gets energy from the other. This, in turn, leads them to want to have energy from the other, which causes them to hack into each other in order to get energy from the other. So, he says a nasty saying, she resists it, is nasty. The energy flows back to him and you take it WEG. They chop around each other, don't get energy because you take it away, between them, through the black hole or through this black wall, which you imagine, and no one gets energy from the Other. The relationship just goes apart like that because they no longer love each other-no longer give each other energy. That was all. You don't have to do more than that.

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