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Regularly scared – always at the same time

Do you have a feeling of fear regularly at a certain time?
I'll explain why this is so:

So you have a feeling of anxiety at a certain time. At 7:00 am or 6:00 am, getting up.
You have set the alarm clock, at 6:00 in the morning and suddenly this feeling of fear comes. You realize that feeling of fear is always the same. Sometimes feelings of anxiety feel different, but this is always the same.
Or it is at 16:00 in the afternoon. Always at 16:00 clock same anxiety. Sometimes it is not there, sometimes an hour later, but otherwise always at 16:00.

How can that be?

Thats is quite easy. At exactly this time someone is thinking of you.
If z. For example, if someone has set the alarm early at 6:00 am, and he immediately thinks of you when you wake up, looking forward to seeing you at work or he wants to be like you, or just thinking about it every morning : "What would Mrs. Müller do today?" (So you).
And if he has this thought, and then thinks of you and wants to have something of you, you have this feeling of fear.
When he does that ritual, that is, whenever the alarm rings early, or whenever he drinks his coffee in the morning, or whenever he comes home.
For example, you are a teenager. Mum goes home from work and thinks: "What is my daughter doing now?"
Mummy is at 16:00 clock, then you have at 16:00 clock this feeling of anxiety.
Very important: remember when you feel anxious, write them down and write down how they feel. What special feature they have. And this one feeling of fear, you can specifically assign to a person.

I once had a very nice work colleague. Whenever I talked to him about work, I had a strange feeling on my back, right side, just above the belt. A tension.
That was good to remember then, because the more I talked with this colleague, I had it every time.
I never told him that, but whenever I met him I had it.
So he had a very special thought to me and I realized that he is standing in front of me again. I could see the guy blind, the feeling I had on my back.

Once upon a time I had an enthusiastic fan who every morning at 7:00, ritually, when he got up, recalled: "What would Albrecht do now, how would Albrecht begin his day?"
Or: "Today I am doing what Albrecht told me to do."
And that made me feel scared every morning at 7:00. Sometimes it was an hour later, not even at weekends, but regularly during the week.
When I realized who it is, what it does and when it does, I just quarreled with it. So that he is of the opinion that Albrecht is a complete idiot, I do not think of him, I do not want any of that, he died for me.
And zack, the thing was over. In the end, out, was not there anymore. And I have done nothing but quarrel with this one person whom I believe causes me to feel that anxiety, always at the same time. And it worked.

It works the same way with you. Write down what the feeling of fear feels like. Write down when it is and then find out who is thinking of you at this time. A lover, a work colleague, a family member, whatever. And then try to eliminate that.
Either you or he suffers. Either you eliminate the thing or nobody. Because he does not know. You know it now. He does not know what he is doing, that he causes you fear, always at the same time.
So, clear that up. You may lose a friend, a friend, a family member who is angry with you, but you do not have that fear anymore. This regular, at the same time emerging anxiety.



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