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Psyche cures cancer-go or don't go?

On 29.08.2017, Doctors blatt.de writes: Psyche and cancer-many believe in connection.
The article is about them investigating that many people believe that psyche and cancer are related. That combative people cracking down on cancer are getting back to health faster, and that a so-called cancer personality no longer exists.

Mental stress triggers cancer. That's what a lot of people believe. In the article I believe was around 84%. This is popular belief. None of the 84% or 64% however many are can prove that the psyche has an effect on cancer. I, too, cannot prove that yet. But everyone guessed it. In addition to certainly having many researchers who are laughed at by the medical professionals, medicine has yet to find any evidence that the psyche and cancer are related. But yeah, they're hanging out together. You have stress because other people want something from you, or reject you, or you make stress to those, anyway. They suck on you, want something from you, make you stress. Your energy field is weakening, your immune system is weakening and these thoughts of other people are probably changing your genes. And if you start fighting cancer yourself now, so not if you are fighting against the causes, against the problems outside, but against the cancer within you, then it will become stronger and you will start to die.
If you think the problems are out on the outside and you fight it, if you realise you have problems in your family and you split from your family, when you realise you have problems on work and you're separating yourself from the job, then it's getting better again. People don't suck at you anymore. They no longer have that one docking point on their heads because they think about it, what do you think?, or heart because they don't think about it anymore, are you fine? What can I do him good? There is no one left to think of your sex organs and your prostate cancer disappears. No one is there thinking of you. Your immune system is recovering and you are getting back to health.
The thing about the cancer personality-scientifically studied and people don't believe in it anymore-is nonsense, too. Of course there are. Let's check out the people who have cancer. I would like to do an investigation into this. I want to bet, all those who have cancer, in a certain place, you can sort together. They have a certain character trait. There are the women who have breast cancer. Surely these are all very dear nice women who are abgredingly loved by someone. All people who have brain tumors certainly have people in the acquaintance or kinship or in the surrounding area thinking about what they think. People somewhere else, e.g. B. get a tumor in the abdomen, have people in the area thinking about it: What does he feel? How does he feel? Why is he doing what hurts me so much?
You can summarize them all. They all have unfairly the same system.
When you search the Internet for psychological causes for diseases, small pictures appear. The vernacular already has an explanation for this. The vernacular cannot explain it, the individual hears this saying that stress triggers this or that, but yes, that is true. Many thousands of people have already observed this. No one can prove it, medicine isn't looking for it, so it just remains a saying. Still, it's true. And if medicine is looking for it and what is happening, then suddenly it is also medically proven, the latest medical insight. Then suddenly it is no longer a parapsychology, no more biokinesis, no more naturopath or whatever the people of the GWUP call it. Then it's medicine. Then it's a subrange of psychology, psychoneuroimmunology, whatever.

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