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Problem #: 8 Recognizing Biokinesis-You Self

Why you are to blame yourself, that others can't remember what they just thought about you:

The situation is this: You have, for example, B. Heartbreak and now want to know what your partner thought, what the question he thought was called to find out what question has now created your heartbreak. So I have heartbreak, realise I have heartbreak and immediately think, "What is she thinking?"
I then pronounce the thought, "What do you think right now?" But wanted to have it before that she tells me what she thought. And the moment I want her to remember what she's thinking, I'm already erasing her memory of the thought. As a result, if you know about biohistory and ask the others what he just thought, to find out where the pain comes from, the other can't remember it. The other has to be at a level himself that he can remember his thought, still someone else wants him to remember it.
That sounds a bit complicated, but it's quite simple. Because the moment I want someone to remember, I disable his memory or ability to remember what he was thinking. This is for all those who deal with it and are now investigating a problem that they themselves wipe out, that the other can remember. One disables oneself the ability to remember the other.

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