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From brown to blue or green – change eye color with biokinesis

You want to know how to change the eye color with biokinesis?

If you're eye-tracking the internet and looking for biokinesis, you'll probably find plenty of Spanish videos and meditations from the South American area that are supposed to help change your eye color. But you do not have to try everything. Do not be disappointed that does not help. You can remove those brown veils that are in front of your eye color, but not in that way.
To change your eye color, you have to do something else. You have to try to get rid of that inner rage that you have in yourself. There are very nice meditations that you can let out the rage. The simplest thing is, you keep thinking about the people, the things you're angry about, grabbing a pillow and boxing in there.
It is important, no matter what you do, that you get rid of this anger, and if possible without going to jail, or without hurting someone, because with that you have achieved nothing.
So, getting rid of rage without really hurting someone is possible, as already mentioned, by punching in a pillow. You can also hang a photo of the villain on a dart board and throw dart arrows at it. You can imagine the worst things you want to do to him. The main thing it helps you to get rid of the anger towards him. Which also helps to forgive him. But your anger is probably so great that you can not, otherwise you would not have anger and so many dark brown spots in your eyes for so long.
So, get rid of rage, keep working on it, that will take a long time, and then your right eye color will reappear. Your green, your blue, your light blue, whatever your natural eye color is. The brown veils disappear. Everything will be beautiful, clean and clear, and everyone will envy you for your beautiful eye color.

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