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Motivationless. why? What to do?

What to do about lack of motivation? Hi dear ones, I have a little problem that basically relates to my creative streak. I've been lacking the motivation for a long time. In my spare time I write fan fiction and of course, I love it. However, I haven't touched my writing program for three weeks, and that although I wrote every day before that. What can I do about it? What can I do to find my motivation again? A few more important details on the sidelines. I suffer from severe depression, which also causes me to mostly lie in bed and automatically lose my motivation. Likewise, I'm always tired. Thank you in advance.

Answer: The fact that you have lost your motivation has to do with the fact that you do not have enough energy. You don't have enough energy because everyone wants you to keep writing fan fiction. People like what you write. People know you, so they know who to think about to get positive energy to feel comfortable. This leads to you having energy shortages, not having enough energy to keep writing your fan fiction, having depression, lying in bed and not being able to do anything at all. You have to protect yourself now a) or b) write so fan fiction that you find someone who does hate, who gives you energy. You can't suffer. So you can either write your fan fiction so that the star you write about, can't suffer you, hate you or your fans can't suffer and hate you do. The fourth possibility is that you do something else you're hated for, where you get energy, where people turn their attention to you and then continue to write your fan fiction with that energy. What else won't be left for you. Let yourself come up with something.

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