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My neighbor keeps me awake

Why the neighbor keeps you awake at night when he knows it will annoy you soon:

Here's how, the story:
In the evening I can't fall asleep. I'm constantly occupied by the thought: "What do I do, what do I do if someone annoys me tomorrow? What am I doing there? "
That was actually completely unfounded. I told my wife that and they say, "What are you thinking about? What's the point of that? '
But that thought just occupied me without end. ' What do I do if I get annoyed tomorrow? If someone comes and annoys me? I need some saying, something, to teem off. "
I couldn't explain that to myself, either. But I had to think about it all the time. I stayed awake, lay there, rolled back and forth and constantly thought about this question: "What do I do if …"
We have towards the types who breed dogs. I've been over there many times because the dogs bark at night. This neighbor breeds dogs and keeps bringing new ones and they naturally start barking again. Plus, he's a shift worker. When he goes into the night shift, the sounds start barking. I have nothing against dogs. I myself have been in guard protection, as a dog handler. But when dogs get annoying and especially at night, when I want to sleep, that bothers me.
I went out smoking a smoke and what do I see there at 2:00 early? The type of counterpart brings a new dog. He wears it under his arm and puts him in the cage. The little dog barks, wails, barks and wails. By the way, this went on for 14 days.
That's when I realized: The guy knew I'm the only one in the area who immediately comes over and says, "Hey, man, your dog is making noise. Take care of it. Turn him over a collar, educate him neatly. Do what that no longer annoys him. "
The guy, of course, has shit about me coming back over, and something has become clear to me: The guy was scared of me coming over and complaining. He has refused for the Albrecht to come and says: "Your dog is barking!"
He has considered, "What can I do, what can I say when he comes back?"
It was clear to me where the connection is. He declines, with the thought: "What can I say when he comes? I don't want that to come. I have to say something when that comes. " And I lie here, can't sleep and in my head the thought is constantly turning, "What can I do if someone annoys me tomorrow?"
It's that simple. Biokinesis is how easy it works. And, the next time something like this happens to you, that thoughts turn in your head, over and over again and you presume: A work colleague will annoy you tomorrow, or you have a problem with the shop assistant, or something is wrong in your family, just catch Let us think about the idea you have. Can it be that someone else thinks the thought, in relation to you? That's a bit complicated now. But you can write down the thought, the thought you have, why you can't sleep, and consider, has someone else changed that thought or something like that to me, and why?
You're going to find out, there's someone who thinks just that of you. In the family, on work, somewhere is someone who thinks of you with that very thought. It may be that you are thinking of may have exactly the same problem. These, by the way, are things I describe in rules. So thoughts that go around the corner, that spread, that move through an entire house.
So, the neighbor thinks of me and ponders, "What can I say when he comes across?"
I think of my work colleagues: "What can I do when it comes tomorrow?"
And he may be thinking of his wife. "What can I do when it comes tomorrow?"
Thus, when energy is given, a thought runs through the area, from strangers to other people who are strangers to strangers. A fantastic phenomenon.
I'm looking forward to the day when that's proven.

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