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Magic mushrooms against anxiety and cancer?

Magic mushrooms help against anxiety and cancer? I am firmly convinced of that.

On 01.12.2016, Doctors Blatt.de writes Krebs
Hallucinogenic mushrooms relieve depression and take away anxiety from dying.
The entry is about people having cancer, of course also being afraid in their living situation, helping them magic mushrooms (hallucinogenic mushrooms).
The article says: A study of 20 or 40 cancer sufferers or anxiety disturbed people has been done and they would all have changed their lives afterwards.
I can imagine that this works the same way. The fungus, a biological substance, in the right dose, helps to take the anxiety and I am of the opinion it also helps to beat the cancer. Because when the fear is no longer there, that is, when you no longer fight cancer, when you no longer reject it, don't give energy into it, (so I'm talking about rejection, there's something in the body, you reject it, that's how energy is put into it and it gets stronger) If you are no longer afraid, if you don't notice the fear away, the fear no longer notices (will probably work with lithium), so if you take that fear away, through the fungus, no more energy is put into it and you might even get bolder, Separating from the relationship, acquaintance, then some no longer suck out, then they no longer want to have from one, then they no longer worry about one, if health is better, then the fear and cancer disappears. Of course, only if the cancer was triggered by thoughts. There is also cancer caused by chemicals or perhaps too often X-rayed. But there is no mention of that here. I'm talking about the cancer that just comes like that. Before, you might have been scared or in pain at the site and then the cancer suddenly popped up. So pain, then cancer that has been triggered, by the thoughts of other people. This cancer then disappears. You are no longer afraid, no more energy, so the cancer is no longer rejected, you possibly separate from relatives and acquaintances, just take a bolder and more aggressive look, you are not afraid anymore, because you have nothing to lose anyway, and the Cancer can heal. The immune system strengthens. You become stronger against cancer and the body heals.
Yes, that's the same way it can work. I firmly believe that Magic mushrooms help against anxiety disorders and cancer. On top of that, you might even get great ideas for eating.

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