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Afraid to address girl groups – why?

If you have read and memorized all the free e-books of dating psychology and are still afraid to approach a group of girls, or feel anxious when you see them or come near them, that's becau
se: Up front: your fear is made up of several fears. Apart from the fear of being rejected, stupid things to say, or memories of negative experiences, there is still a fear created by the group of girls approaching you if they are interested in you. It may be that you do not hate fear because the girls do not think about you and do not want anything from you because you are not their type or they just have something very different to talk to you
with. So, we For example, suppose you are in a shopping mall and there is a group of girls at the front who have seen you from afar and are interested in yo
u. Now the girls have different thoughts. One might think of your washboard stomach, the next thinks of your face, if you look good, the third thinks what you speak for a language. The most different questions so. The questions are a lack in the minds of the girls. They want answers, and they want the answers from you. That is, the life energy flows from you to them, and you're scared all along the line, your pants full, because they have so many questions for you. Now grab the three second rule that you may know, if not, check the internet. That you immediately assume that you do not feel any fear at all and clarify the matter immediately. Are the girls but further away, see you from afar, that works with the three seconds no longer. So you're scared because the girls have so many questions f
or you. Maybe you've had the same thing in school before. For example, if you had a talk and everyone wanted to know what you had to say. Or you had to go to the police because you made crap that had ever thought about what you were going to say. You may have had a job interview and the boss has been thinking for hours what he asks you all about and you were just scared. That's exactly the same fear. It is created by having someone ask you questions, want to know things from you that are not yet clear, and that's how you actually drain your energy.
What you need to do now is to let your feelings out completely. Do not pay attention to your feelings, just pay attention to your mind. So check in your mind, what can happen to you? Is there anything life threatening that can happen to you when you address the girls? Is there anything you need to be ashamed of, what is really relevant to your life or has a big impact on your life? If that is so, then let it be, do not speak to the girls. But if your mind says, no, there is not really anything that could happen, and only your feeling, that fear, then you can simply appeal against it and the girls. Remember, courage means doing something despite the fear. I'm not talking about being scared and then jumping off a skyscraper to overcome the fear. No. I'm talking about fears for which there is no reason. Fears that want to protect you from something that is not really relevant or important. So, if your mind tells you, nothing can happen to me, only your feeling creates fear, then just do it. Be brave, go after the mind and speak to the girls.


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