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Lies-The 6th Reason why you can't recognize biokinesis

Why lying is one of the biggest problems, why people don't realize that biokinesis exists. Why they don't realize that other people are creating their pain:

Let's assume you know biokinesis exists. You know other people can create pain with you through their questions and thoughts. Now you want to find out what question the other one has right now.
You meet the caretaker. You hold a short chat and you suddenly have itching in the crotch. I stick to this itch in stride because sex is a strong motive for men to ask women questions. A great interest that men have in women. He could also, of course, think about whether you've finished your presentation, which you want to make for work. If he is very interested in this, much more than having sex with you, then of course the pain is elsewhere. So, we stick to itching in the crotch and the questions.
So you know the caretaker has access to the step because it just started when you talked to him. So, now you're just quite naughty and ask, "Do you want sex with me?" Or "Are you interested in me?" Or "Do you want anything from me?"
Now he is so shocked that he is not telling the truth. He doesn't want to get out with the truth because he's embarrassed Not only is he embarrassed to say it in the first place.
When you address him so directly, he lies and replies, "No, I don't want anything from you."
He may turn red and you realize it is, but he is lying. And that's the same way it happens to other people. You stand in a big crowd, notice, there's someone looking over at you and you've got heart eh. Now you're just quite naughty, go over to the guy who might be smiling at you there and ask, "Hey, do you love me?" Or "Do we want to go for a drink?"
He's quite ashamed because he's just thought about how nice it would be to be with you. That you're a great bride, or, or, or. Now you're coming up to him, ask him exactly what he just thought, or what's similar, and he's so embarrassed about that he's lying.
That's a big problem with me because I realize what the other people think by being in pain. I know in principle what it is about, whether man or woman, in principle I know in which direction the matter is going. What the other wants from me. But when I address the person as a result, if I just ask like that, they fall out of all the clouds. She may have just looked dreamily and thought about something. And it's just too much for people when you address them on what they're thinking right now. Only the idea, how can he know? Why does he know that? Did I say anything?
They start lying right away, dodging, not telling it. Even my friend's best friend wouldn't give me information about what she thinks. Although we are close, she doesn't tell me what she thinks when I address her in that direction. Too embarrassing. Shouldn't I know. Don't interest me. Whatever, she doesn't say it.


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