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Love becomes hate

Tim H. 24 J. writes: Emotions go away more and more.

I am now a year and almost three months with my girlfriend together. We only quarrel and my feelings for them are more and more hatred and disappointed.
What should I do?

Tim, at the beginning of your relationship, you gave your girlfriend lots of love and a lot of attention.
Also, there were things you did not like about her that you hated. Now you have changed.

The 1. Thing is, you do not hate those things anymore, or your girlfriend has changed them so you do not have to hate them anymore. Thereby no love (no energy) flows to her.

The 2. The thing is, you have not given her love (no energy) and less attention.

As a result, your girlfriend got a lot from you in the beginning and now gets less.
Now she wants to have that again. She wants to have that good feeling again, as in the beginning. She wants to get that attention again, as in the beginning.
That's what she's struggling with. She knows when she quarrels with you, you hate her, and then she has that beautiful feeling in her stomach again.
That is, it makes you radiate energy to her again, then she perceives it as love.