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Long thinking = hard sick

How long someone thinks of you decides dadover how seriously you get sick:

The short question: "Where are you?" Creates itching in the foot. The itch is short and may only stay until the other knows where you are. By evening, perhaps, if you're chatting by phone: "Where were you at 1730am 00? That's when I thought of you. "
But if the questions are of a different nature, and prolonged, the pain in your body can increase. The very intensely asked question: "Does they hear me?" Or "Does that hear?" Or "Hopefully you don't hear that!" Can already create a fat pimple in the ear or around the ear. She's very strong, someone has a great motivation that you don't hear him under any circumstances. For example, a work colleague will steal a ballpoint pen from your subject. He definitely doesn't want you to hear him. Then you have that pain. Or you have a yogurt in the fridge and someone wants you to definitely not see him stealing the yogurt out of the fridge in the company, creating itching in the eye, on the eye, around the eye, the more important the type that you don't see it The worse your itching is in the eye. If it's your best colleague, where it's not bad anyway because she buys you a new one tomorrow, it will be quite small. But if it is a work colleague who is now very hungry, and certainly does not want you to get this along, because he wants to stand well with you, then the itch is really violent. So if you have an itch in your eye, spring up and tell if someone wants to stop you from seeing anything. Itching on the ear or stabbing on the ear, listen carefully, go to the neighboring rooms and look around if someone doesn't want to be spotted or doesn't want you to hear him.


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