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INGRESSSearch and biokinesis

Why I was addicted several years ago to Ingress, a mobile game:

Years ago, the game Ingress came on the market.

A game of running around building blue and green portals.

It's basically about it: Aliens want to land on Earth. The blue players prevent the aliens from landing. The green players help the aliens.

I'll explain that now to anyone who does not know Ingress.

You build up portals. In order for them to have energy, they have to be equipped with so-called resonators.

Then you have to charge them and build connections between one portal and the other.

So, if you belong to the blues, you connect a blue portal with the next blue portal. If one belongs to the Greens, then one connects a green portal with the next green portal.

When the game was quite new, everyone was working wildly to keep their portals.

If you were a beginner in the game, it was hard to take such a portal.

So, z. b. a blue portal broken and green to make.

You had to walk around a lot. This game was originally intended for programmers who work a lot on the computer to get some fresh air.

Now the following happens:

If my own portal was destroyed, I immediately got a message on the phone, there is someone who destroyed my portal.

I was a green guy then. Another player, Deiwel, that's his ingress name, lived in a nearby location and was blue.

Deiwel had nothing else to do but to level up incredibly fast, then walk around (and drive around in the car) and ruin all the green portals.

I got mad every time he came back to the city to break everything down.

We green then always did together, everything rebuilt, resonators collected, u.s.w ..

What is interesting now is this:

If you've been running through the area as a greens, where there were blue portals and destroyed them, you've felt really good.

That was not because you broke these portals. Destroyed these pixels in the phone and repainted them.

That was because the moment I destroyed a blue portal as Green, the Blue who built the portal immediately got the message on the phone, your portal was destroyed.

It was the same way around. We built the portal as Greens.

And when the Deiwel came back, I've already noticed, before I even knew that the phone is the same, which is back on the road, is very happy to destroy our portals, to annoy us.

This is not the case anymore. Because a lot less people play ingress today.

Apart from that, most players have turned off these notifications because it just so often went so fast that the portals have been rebuilt from green to blue from blue to green. You just did not want that anymore.

From time to time I still play the game today. When I walk in the woods with my wife.

There is a path, there are quite a lot of portals and you can make them green or blue.

Lately, I'm so long, I'm now a blue, and see, ah, great, blue portals, there you can put a few links. So build connections from one portal to another.

Suddenly I get racing heart, feel pure excitement.

I'm really excited, awake and thinking, "That can not be true. What's going on? "

I crawl past the trees, diagonally across a field, but could see no one around.

Okay, I'll do my portals, put the links and keep going.

Three minutes later, Deiwel starts up. On the bike.

"Hi, hello, how are you doing, what are you doing here?"

He begins to push around. "We are in the process of building fields." (You connect three portals, below that forms a blue field. There are extra points for that.)

"Is it possible that you will not be linking anymore?" He asks.

It was clear to me right away that Deiwel was standing over there at the far end of the field, watching on his cell phone as I put links there. (This is displayed on the phone, even who puts the links.)

So he sees, Farmi (that's my name) is building links right now. So he can not build his fields because my links are in the way. They have to be together and not cross.

Then Deiwel jumped on his bike and came over to me and told me the same.

Great example again for that. I did not see Deiwel. I did not know he was there. I did not know that because who wants to lay links.

He was angry. I got the energy and got that boa-something-happened-there-feeling.

Then he arrived, with the request to stop .. I quit because of course I know how important that is to him.

Deiwel often helps others in the game. He also helped me to level up fast. He would like to get those extra points, which he gets when he builds those fields.

Great example. Biokinesis or thought transmission. Whatever you want to call it. I say biokinesis because there is no technical term in medicine.

NLP is something else. Psychoneuroimmunology is something else.

With pruritus sine materia things are not clear. You do not know where it comes from. Well, medicine does not know, I know it.

That's why I say biokinesis.

On the internet, biokinesis is described as, kinese of movement and bio by thought force, body action, u.s.w ..

Actually, I do not move anything. Actually, I'm already moving something. The feeling or the human goes somewhere else, if he feels like shit.

Biokinesis is for me the best word that is closest to what I'm talking about.

I wanted to clarify that, because on the Internet is something else, namely kinese of movement and bio of organic halt.

Ok, that was once again a great example for me how that works.

Watch for yourself, or just play Ingress. No, not really, because you have to be level 8 or 12 or higher.

It does not work on Pokemon because you do not really destroy anything to anyone else.

In humans, do not annoy you, but it works.