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Infections cause mental disorders -Häää?

On 07.12.2018, the Ärzteblatt reports: Infections can increase the risk of mental disorders in children.
Why the bullshit is I explain to you here:

The report says that a study was done in Denmark. Who cares: Jama Psychiatry 2018 Deu10001 Jama Psychiatry 2018 3428. For the professionals who know what to do with it.

So, the report says that in Denmark children were compared who have mental disorders. It has been found that the children previously had infectious diseases.
What has not been investigated is whether these mental disorders may have been present before the infection but have not yet been registered.
From the point of view of biokinesis I can explain the following:
There are children, of which z. B. want their parents something. Your parents want to have children Good school performance, bringing out the garbage on a regular basis, watching less television, playing less on the computer, whatever. This leads to a deficiency in the children's brain. The children are sucked out.
The parents always want to have something from the children. This only leads to a mental disorder. The children can not do what the parents want. If the parents then continue to want the children to do that, they will continue docking in one place.
The first parents want their child less in front of the television sits, the second wants her child plays less on the computer. The third one wants her child to be better at school. The fourth wants her child to do more work in the house. All four of these children have shortages because their parents want too much of them.
This leads to physical difficulties. The children get inflammation in the body, diseases that can then be treated with medication.
However, the parents do not stop wanting their children to do these special things, which in turn means that the children are no longer sick because they are receiving medication, but the mental disorder is getting worse and stronger enough for the children to be treated Need to become. Anxiety, depression, etc. ..
So if you look carefully, you can see, not an infection triggers after this mental illness, but the greed of parents or grandparents, teachers, friends or whoever pulls on these children, triggers energetic deficiencies in the body of the children.
As a result, the children can no longer do what they should. This leads to increased Wanting the z. Eg parents. This leads to infections in the body. Then the medicines come in, the infections go back because they are eliminated with the drugs. But the desire of z. B. Parents stay there and cause them to become mental disorders.
If the scientists were looking for it, they would come across biokinesis, psychokinesis, lack of energy generated by other people's thoughts.
Pain and illnesses that are produced by other people. Radio waves that fly through the air and cause disease.


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