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I only like men who reject me-What can I do?

Karmapeps has written the following question: I only stand on men if they don't stand on me. What shall I do? So Karmapeps is a girl and she writes the following: I just tell times. There's a boy I'm relatively good friends with. Lately, I've been getting a little lucky, too, even though I knew he was standing on top of another girl. Now that he is standing on me all at once, why ever, I don't feel anything anymore. All of a sudden, all the swarming, daydreaming and approaching was over. Why I've flirted with other guys more than with him. There is nothing involved. But, then when he flirts with a girl and just walks away with the girl, I immediately get jealous and then try to get my way back at him. This is so sick. Please help me. Hello Karmapeps: You must have noticed why. So he turns his attention to a girl, so away from you. He doesn't want to have anything from you, you don't care. And you stand on him. You think he's great. And then if he turns to you and wants to have from you, then you push him away. So if he doesn't want to, you want, if he wants to, you don't want to. This has to do with the flow of energy, with life energy. If he doesn't want to, he has this feeling of "stay away from me," which is more interesting to me. "Go, go away." And then you get that energy, feel comfortable and be attracted to him. Because he radiates that energy. He only radiates them because he doesn't want anything from you. If it is then the other way around afterwards, he turns to you and wants to have energy from you, practically deducts energy from you, then you feel bad, then you don't want anything to do with him, because you feel bad. The moment is here. He turns to you. He wants something from you. You don't want anything to do with him. But he does. Because you think in the case now, "No, I don't want anything to do with him." Energy flows away from you and towards him. You have to feel that after all. You have to notice how this is suddenly unpleasant. At that moment, energy flows away from you to him and he rejoices. Oh, she thinks I'm great, wants to be with you. I have to try, but I don't. But maybe she says "yes." I don't know for sure. Yeah, that's what it looks like. Learn to direct the energy. You pull on those you can't suffer so they stay away and have a bad feeling near you. And you put energy into it that you want to deal with, so they feel good and want to deal with you. There is still a small problem. You obviously have to keep doing that when you influence someone that way. Because, the moment he no longer has the good feeling, he naturally turns around and disappears. That's akin to that relationship when you have a new girlfriend or a new boyfriend. In the beginning there are many things that you can't suffer from the other, the energy flows back and forth and everyone feels in love. That goes on for 14 days and then one tries to change the other. She says, "I don't like about you that you never wash off the dishes." He says, "I don't like about you that we only have sex every two days." And then everyone tries to change that in itself. They end their own rejections, all that they reject, they end and then suddenly love is gone. Then the boyfriend, the girlfriend is suddenly uninteresting and you don't want anything more to do with the person. But you can also turn things around and walk there with your mind. Take the guy who looks good, is intelligent, but at whom you don't feel so comfortable because he wants something from you, and avoid the guys who look beautiful, are good and smart, but at whom you feel comfortable. Because they can't suffer you. Make your feeling right. Good feeling in the gut is rejection, bad feeling in the gut is love, is attraction, is wanting, someone wants to have something of you when you have that rejection or a sense of anxiety. Notice that and you come super clear in life because a whopping 95% of people are so twisted, can't direct the energy and with the 5% that can do that you don't want to have anything to do with because they manipulate you so much that you make quite quick around the one bow.