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Walking pain-The 10th Problem of biokinesis

Why wandering pain is such a big problem in bioinesis:

Wandering pain, I call the itch or pain that occurs one after the other in different places. You have z. B. itching on the head, then on the nose, then perhaps on the ear, on the neck, on the chest and then on the abdomen.
A normal person cannot establish any connection at all. He then scratches his head, on his nose, on his ear … The abdomen. He thinks, "Ah, that's certainly the belt."
The real cause, though, is different. There is someone who has many questions for you and confronts you one by one.
A fine example is, before a negotiation: The negotiating partners are thinking about each other. ' We're reacting to my words? -Does he hear? How does he hear? -What does he perceive? -What do I have to do to make me look good in front of him? -Will he talk to me for a long time? -Can I build a cordial relationship with him? "
These are questions that a negotiating partner asks himself before the trial. He thinks of you in the process. And you are always itching, pain on your head on your neck … The feeling of anxiety in the abdomen anyway because he has all these questions and because he goes through the straight when you feel the itching, the pain, it one by one.
You might think it's a lot of people thinking of you when you have a lot of itching. But it can just be one who has a lot of questions for you and who goes through one by one. A lot of itching does not mean many people who think of you, but just a lot of questions that one or more ask is not interesting.
A lot of itching, a lot of questions. A lot of pain, a lot of questions. Severe pain, strong questions. Severe itching, strong stinging, strong interest of the other. It's as simple as that.