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Creating greed-The 9. Problem of biokinesis

Another reason why it is so hard to scientifically detect biohistory: It i

s the great interest to generate. This great interest is the problem. For testing purposes, you'd have to generate a lot of interest in a question, in another person, to make them pain, to prove that it really works. Wh
en we're just like that on the street, your husband has run far away, lost to you, you think, "Hach, where is he again?" You are, for example, B. in the math market, your husband is suddenly gone. You consider, "Where is he?" At that moment he gets itching in his foot. The interest is huge where he is now. But now you
should create the same situation for testing purposes for the GWUP to get you the 10,000,–prize money you get for proof of psychokinesis. So you're sitting in a room
and you're supposed to create itching in your foot for your husband sitting in the adjoining room. So that he then raises his hand and says, "Now I have itching on my foot." Now, of course, you don't have the huge interest in knowing where he is. You also don't have the huge interest in knowing what his heart is desires to create pain in his heart so that he says, "Now I have heartbreak." And the examiner says, "Ah, yes, flawless, it worked." You also don't have a huge interest in asking, "What is he thinking right now?" To create a headache for him to prove, yes, it works through the wall. And you don't have the huge interest now in wanting to have sex with him, to create itching on his penis or feeling of pain, because you are in a situation where this is completely irrelev
ant. So in principle, it works to create the pain. You have a lot of interest in where your husband is, he has itching in his foot. You have great interest in making sex with your husband, he has itching in the penis. You love your husband, he has heartbreak. You want to know what he's thinking, he's got a headache. Or other rum, he thinks … And she has pain.Th
at's the way it is and you can prove it. But for testing purposes, creating this to start the scientific proof that it really works is then hard. If you have an idea what questions to have, despite these standard situations, how to muster a lot of interest to create pain, then write that to me in the comments, I'm burning interested in that. I know that questions or great interest create pain in other people, including between here and America. Whether that's 400km just through the wall, or if you're sitting next to each other in the car. No matter how great the distance, it works. But to prove this for testing purposes, to put on scientific feet, with a standardized procedure, so that it can not only be tried and imitated here in Germany. But that the same experiment is also available in Asia, America, Brazil, Africa … And leads to the same results.

If you have an idea how to do it, write to me in the comments. That would be really interesting.

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