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browned esoteriker bashing

Energy is neutral.
Applied, it can perform positives such as negatives.
I explain how energy can be guided.
The decision is up to everyone themselves.

A few funny tips have surfaced on the "The Skeptics" website this month about how doctors should respond to the statements of esoterics. I think that's quite funny. Here it says: "Science doesn't know everything either," says an esoteriker.The doctor should reply: "True. But science knows that it does not know everything and therefore it continues to research instead of filling knowledge gaps with fairy tales and no-nonsense explanations, as is customary in esotericism and pseudoscience. " The person who wrote this seems to completely forget that only the esotericism rumbles around, seeks and grasps and finds somewhere a starting point that might be right, then at some point this condenses to such a thing that one realizes that there is really something wrong with the Physics. Then someone starts to prove that and only after that does science come up to it, prove it is, and say, "Yeah, that's science. That's what we found out is. " Which is perfect mischief. For it was the esoterics who started looking. They have shaken in the modder according to these findings and they have made mistakes. Yes, they have reached alongside it, wrongly, one and the other suspecting that it is true. Yes, but it's only when the esoterics have condensed the matter in such a way that it's scientifically detectable that science comes with the statement, "Yes, we've figured that out." The esoteric says, "There are other avenues of cognition than science." The doctor should answer: "Sure, e.g. B. Intuition, dreams, revelations, speculation, reflection, abstractions or personal experiences. " All of this can bring people to an abstract, to a strong belief in something. But before these beliefs have been objectively verified, it cannot be assumed that they reflect reality. In order to arrive at reliable knowledge, we need the scientific method. Science is nothing more than an effective way to find and test new ideas. Whether these ideas and insights are correct. If the idea turns out to be wrong, then you have to ditch it. So you say that before these beliefs have been objectively verified, it cannot be assumed that they reflect reality. Who, please, says they must have checked this? There are enough esoterics who check stuff that knows it's true but doesn't have enough money for scientific studies to prove it. Then at some point comes a professor anyway at the University Anything with a budget of one million a year, who can then do psychological studies and suddenly proves: "Oh, yes, there is." awesome. But again through the preparatory work of the esoterics. -A guy who goes to work every day for little money, by the way, considers why such strange things happen, and finds the solution to it. The next thing. The esoteric says: "Science is only faith." The doctor is supposed to answer: "You don't believe in science. Science is a methodical process that produces a well-founded and orderly knowledge. " There are ample examples of science proving stuff that turned out to be wrong in hindsight. And now all the scientists have said beforehand, "No, no, we know that. That's the way it is. " And afterwards, that turned out to be a belief. They were convinced they had this realization, but they didn't have that at all. What's that going to call? Maybe you'd have to find a third term of for, I know, or I think I know, or I know, but actually that's not true at all. That would be an interesting thing for the scientist. Next thing. The esoteric says: "What was still considered to be secured yesterday is already out of date tomorrow." The doctor should answer, "This shows that science works." Of course. It's secured. Science says, "We know." Then the thing changes because it is found out, it is different, it has other causes, then science makes a new realization. And that's proof that science works? Then it says: "Scientific findings, are always only provisional." Oh, esoteric, for example, not? Esoteric findings are always definitive? " This is not a deficiency, but a great strength and a guarantee for the constant development of new knowledge. " You could also say the same about esotericism. " Pseudo-dizinists like homeopaths and others, on the other hand, still argue largely the same as the founding fathers of their guild 200 years ago. Although our medical and biological knowledge is completely different today. " Well, if you are not sad, if homeopathy proves to be right. Or at least the effect of the drugs. " Science is dogmatic, "says the esotericer.The doctor should answer:" How can science be dogmatic if scientific findings always change? " Why are they changing? Because some esoterics have figured out something new. " Dogmatical are medical professionals and pseudo-ditors who unflinchingly hold on to long-outdated and widely refuted claims. " Well, if you're not wrong. " Science, on the other hand, is constantly on the move and thrives on new paths and ideas. " Yes, yes, very clearly. The esoteric says: "The skeptics stubbornly defend the mainstream." The doctor should answer: "Own statements must be sound. It is rational and reasonable to follow the best tested and evaluated theses. " Yes, so do the homeopaths. " So according to those that have been verified using scientific methods. Mainstream medicine is based on guidelines, among other things. On systematically developed questions and recommendations of expert bodies. " You should read more books by critical doctors. Anyone who writes something like this has not been very informed. " Alternative doctors do not have anything better to offer. On the contrary. Pseudo-dioctors, vaccination opponents, conspiracy believers and esoterics didn't really understand how critical thinking works. " That's one side, by the way-GWOP the skeptics-people call themselves serious scientists. For me, these are just people fighting at the lowest level. You have to read through what these serious scientists are writing for stuff. I can understand that that colours off when you indulge in stupid people telling nonsense in the field of esotericism. But that you go to this level yourself, if you want to be a serious scientist, that absolutely does not go. " Skeptics unilaterally support the pharmaceutical industry, "says the esotericer.The doctor should answer:" Skeptics do not take sides unilaterally for conventional medicine, which also in many cases does things that are not scientifically proven. " Ah, scientifically not substantiated, but incorporated into conventional medicine. Okay. " We are much more in favour of science-based medicine. However, as the pharmaceutical industry is constantly the focus of critical attention and many organisations and initiatives shed light on the health market and its actors, the sceptics are confined to their USP pseudo-sciences and Extraordinary allegations. " So they leave the medicine that has been taken over in the past of strange abstruse things, that we esoteric people fight against, against the nonsense that is conveyed, and are directed only against us esoterics. What a bullshit.The esoteric says: "Doctors fear competition from naturopaths and alternative physicians." The doctor is supposed to answer: "Most doctors are completely busy. They are not afraid of competitors, but worry about patients who are often persuaded to receive ineffective and expensive treatments by CRM representatives and risk their health in the process. " Well, then check out what critical doctors say about all the medical studies and the effect of all the things, where there is probably more health risk, in conventional medicine or in the esoteric. The esoteric says: "The doctors only treat symptoms, but not the true ones Causes of a disease. " The doctor is supposed to answer: "Nonsense. A patient with pneumonia is not only treated according to symptoms such as fever, cough and pain, but the doctor also tries to detect and fight the causative germ. With a bone fracture, a doctor not only prescribes rest and cooling the injury, but he also shoots and treats the fracture. " The person who wrote this thinks completely past what the esoterics mean. Of course, they don't mean a bone fracture or a virus, but esoteric people mean, which has caused it to break its bone. Which caused the virus to spread in the body in the first place. This is lack of energy. These are different false thought patterns. These are negative experiences from the past that manifest. These are traumas. That's what they mean by that. The writer didn't dwell the bean on what esoterics mean. The esoteric says: "The skeptics and critics are completely nailed and suppress alternatives." The doctor should answer: "If homeopathy or other pseudo-procedures actually work, then the pharmaceutical companies would be the first to jump on it." Who thinks up such nonsense? Of course, they would be the first to jump on it. To get the patent and keep the item secret. Because otherwise they would be unemployed. What if it became known that all medicine does not really work and that it is quite easy to prevent it, through magical rituals, through shamanic types of healing, through homeopathy, acupuncture, etc. They would be unemployed. A multibillion-dollar industry, hundreds of thousands, if not millions, of jobs, just gone. Reduced to what really works. Reduced to the really effective substances against bacteria, fours, worms, what is so creative and convenient about. " Conventional medicine does not treat holistically, "says the esoteric. (If you are a doctor or a scientist, you will know how they have recently been treated by the doctor. Was this holistic, or did he just prescribe tablets to you against your cough, or against your leg pain?) The doctor should answer: "Evidence-based medicine also sees man as a unit of psychic, social and biological beings and thus treats holistically. But without making it a special label and carrying it as something exclusive in front of you. " I would like to see a statistic that says how many general practitioners respond to the traumas of their patients. The esoteric says: "You also laughed at Galileo." The doctor should answer: "And about Bozo the clown you also laughed. And quite rightly so. " After that comes a saying that it is good that the things all belong on the throat heap of history, and that two scientists discovered some stomach ulcer bacteria in 1980 and yet won the Nobel Prize. yes. And in 100 years, you're going to think back and say, "My God, what stupid people were these who didn't realize that in esotericism this and that stuff is effective. My God, they were stupid, that was the Middle Ages. " Just as we learn at school today about the people who condemned Galileo at the time. In this sense, to all esoterics, be like water, just flow around it, research and develop further, leave everything that stands in your way. At some point you have reached the proof, the clear thing, the point where science comes, picks up the matter, then you can say, "See, I said." And we can go to the side of the skeptics and write a funny article, with the last sentence: "See, I said."