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Free thoughts about free thoughts.

Energy is neutral.
Applied, it can perform positives such as negatives.
I explain how energy can be guided.
The decision is up to everyone themselves.

I tell you about free thoughts based on the folk song "The thoughts are free." In the first stanza of the song it says: The thoughts are free, who can guess them? Thoughts can not only be guessed by sensitive people, but also generated. That said, in your head, half of the thoughts are made up of words and phrases from other people, and half of yours. You can check this well by really thinking your own thoughts, so making a head around a topic, or simply repeating a mantra in your head. You will notice that other thoughts appear in between. These are not your thoughts, but they come to you from the outside, from other people. Then the folk song says, "They fly by like nocturnal shadows." Thoughts behave in the same way. There are thousands of people around you-in your town, your village-and everyone thinks anything. Some rant about the neighbor, the next is concerned about his wife, the third about his work. These thoughts fly through the air. Our head is like a broadcaster. Thoughts fly through the area, other people receive that. Especially strong thoughts, are received by a particularly large number of people. Maybe you've already had that. You had a great idea, a whole new invention, but were too lazy to expand it and apply for a patent. Three weeks later, you realize, suddenly someone is launching this very product. Of course, it wasn't that he got your thought now and built the product, but he worked on it for quite some time before. But when he started taking the matter to the media when he thought, now all people will learn that because now I'm starting the Kampanie, which starts in two weeks, on TV, on broadcasting, on the internet, wherever. That's when he sent this thought to all people and you received it. Then the folk song says: "No man can know them, no hunter shoot with powder and lead." May be probably, with powder and lead not, but a hunter can erase those thoughts, in your head. If someone wants you to think something specific, then you can't think it. A nice example is the teacher at school. He knows the answer. So he knows when he asks you a question of what the answer is called. He thinks of you. He wants to hear from you this one answer. And you just have a total blackout. You don't know what is at all. You can't answer at all and realize something's wrong. The teacher created this state because he wanted you to give it an answer. He deleted your thought. He has hindered you from drawing a conclusion, from solving a math assignment-just giving the right answer. This happens not only with teachers, but also with your girlfriend, who asks: Where were you today? Although she knows where you were. Because she wants to know if you're telling her the truth, all of a sudden you have a blackout. You don't know where you were today anymore. You say something and she scolds with you for not telling the truth. In reality, you didn't say the untruth at all, but it disabled in your head that you could give the right answer. So there are hunters who can influence your thoughts, who can take thoughts away from you, or simply put it, who shoot your thoughts. We continue with the second stanza. "I think what I want and what pleases me, but everything in the still as it is." Take the first part. "I think what I want and what pleases me." In fact, people think what they want. If you're someone who tries to manipulate thoughts, I can tell you, you're going to have little prospect of success. Because people think what they want anyway. So you can think as positively as you want, about your boss, to make sure he thinks positively about you. If he's an ass, he thinks negatively about you anyway. You can't really influence thoughts. If you want to think something, you think something. If you can't think, don't want to think, or just don't feel like thinking, you can think in your head. But, if anyone wants to think badly about you, so the intention is to turn something bad around in their head, which has to do with you, then so does they. You can influence people, but only those who don't want to think bad about you on purpose. The second part. "But everything in the still as it is." What comes to mind is this. You may have had the thought of someone wanting to kill you before. That someone wants to shoot you, after an argument or anyway. You were scared of him lurking up at your door. That has exactly to do with these things. "Everything in the still as it is." Maybe someone has anger at you and wants to kill you. He's so angry with you that he most wants to roast you with a baseball bat one. You can receive this anue-hateful thought and you also get scared. He doesn't because ultimately morality, ethics, his upbringing, prevents him from doing anything to you. But you receive the thought and you feel fear. Because that thought is full of anger and hate. A concentrated load of energy, then. " No one can deny my wish and desire, "the folk song continues. Unfortunately only an illusion, because the wishes of others, that is, where no energy enter, and desire that, that is, that what they are greedy for, on what they want, can be influenced very well. Advertising has been trying to do it for decades, or centuries, and has always had small successes, to set small impulses, to get people to buy one product and not the other. And when the advertisement has finally come to the funnel, not only to activate, I want to buy a Mercedes, but also to disable it, I want to buy a BMW, I want to buy a Citroen, I want to buy a Porsche, I want to buy a loader, then they will still Have more success. The third stanza goes on to say: "And if you lock me up, in sinister dungeons, I scoff at the pin and human works, because my thoughts tear up the barriers and tear up the walls, the thoughts are free." And if you can, even a very nice trait of talking yourself something nice, in a dark, gloomy world when you're in the. What I'm thinking about, though, is this: If you live in a dark world, talk things up nicely and don't react to these dark, nasty things, you may get under the wheels faster than you think. I once heard the following example: A blind man, a Tauber and a muzzer stand on a road and want to cross it. The three discuss, some with sign language, sometimes correctly. The blind man can't see the cars. He says: "I can hear them, but they are far away. No, there are no cars here. " The other two try to stop the blind from running across the road. But the blind man cannot be irritated. He doesn't see cars. He doesn't want to see them, either. He wants to cross the road. And he's the first to get under the wheels. What I mean by that is, in a bleak world, talking the world nicely and ignoring the bad, not editing, so not addressing the bad can be deadly. So it's basically stupid to talk yourself an ugly world nicely. Last stanza: "I always want to renounce the worries and never want to plague myself more with crickets, you can always laugh and joke to your heart and think that the thoughts are free." The first part: "I always want to renounce the worries." Doesn't go at all. You can ignore the worries, you can give yourself nice thoughts, but at some point those worries come back. If your biggest concern is money because you have little and worry if you still have enough next month, then you can now sit down meditating, think about the clouds, or just don't think about anything. The worry about the money definitely comes back, though, as long as you don't have enough money. At some point you wake up again from this thought, this dream, and realize they're back, and that's the reason that the worries are there because you don't have that money, or because you don't have a girlfriend, or because you don't have a job, or because you don't have accommodation Or because you can't evolve any further, whatever. But you can "Always laugh and joke in your heart and think the thoughts are free." Doesn't go either. Only as long as you do your own thoughts and insulate yourself from other thoughts, so prevent other thoughts from coming to you. Only so long can you laugh and joke. But you also ignore everything that happens around you. There may be a fury building up at someone else by laughing and joking. Or you do something, laugh and joke because of it and that's why something builds up on the outside, which causes you to quickly lose your laughter and jokes because he smashes your teeth. Let us not forget that this can be the highest form of wisdom that is enlightened, of development, of laughing, joking, deliberately being happy in our normal world. So to go to work every day, to mess with your wife and children every day, with the boss, with the car dealer who modestly melts you with your brake, etc., and still laugh and joke about being happy. It can be done even if you don't have collateral in the background.