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Esoteric crazy – evil trap.

Sun 15 has done something that is very dangerous from the point of view of biokinesis. She fooled esoterics.

She writes: Are there others with psychic abilities?

Hello everybody,
I can feel feelings and thoughts from other people. I can see energy, radioactivity and energy fields (auras). I can heal with energy, I can see into the future, with the help of inner pictures. I can see with my eyes closed. Feel through things. I can hear bat calls and have an improved hearing. I can telepathy. I see deceased humans and animals. Can talk in thoughts with plants and animals. See Subtle. I can see, hear, and feel light beings, dwarfs, elves, and gnomes, as well as deceased humans, subtle beings, and souls.
I want to find like-minded people. Do you know someone?

What Sun 15 is doing is a fool. That's what she believes. But what's dangerous about it is from the point of view of biokinesis:
If anyone believes that she can, and there are certainly some among the esoterics who have some of the skills and believe that. Or, if someone hates what they are writing and putting energy in, then the following happens:
She made that statement. It just hangs in her aura, in her life. And now comes the faith plus the energy of other people in there. And now begins to manifest this lie, in her body, in her mind, in her aura. And when she gets only part of the abilities she describes, which she lies there, she starts spinning completely. Then she takes her own life. At the age of 33 at the latest she is dead.

So it's very dangerous to lie to people who can do, amplify, amplify what you are saying. Put the energy into your brain to activate an area of your brain that makes you see ghosts. Which makes sure that you can see auras. That makes sure you can talk to ghosts. That makes you feel when someone is calling. That makes sure that you can heal or kill other people, by your power of thought.

This is very dangerous sun 15, you better not do that.