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He says I'm an energy vampire.

Energy is neutral.
Applied, it can perform positives such as negatives.
I explain how energy can be guided.
The decision is up to everyone themselves.

Flower of life has a question: (It's all about energy vampires, by
the way.)
Hey! I got a problem. My boyfriend ended our three-year relationship because he thinks I'm an energy vampire and rob him of his strength, but not always. For this reason, we have separated several times. I found out about the topic on the internet and found some of the traits of an energy vampire on me. I often leave my decisions to other people, for example. Here I mean small decisions, such as what should I wear, but they then pile up. I am a very Harmony person in need and cannot bear strife for long. Not my whole, but a large part of my world revolves around my partner and I tell him very often about my problems and desires. I'm a very emotionally controlled person, with a slight propensity for drama and so unconsciously demanding attention. However, I do not have many qualities that characterize an energy vampire. I am concerned about my friend. His feelings and desires are very important to me. I pay attention and go in on them. Ever since he first told me I was an energy vampire, I've been trying to work on myself and I think I'm well on my way. He's said to me it's gotten better, but I'm still sucking him out. That's why he ended our relationship yesterday. He meant he can't do that anymore, even though he loves me. He doesn't know at the moment whether we should remain friends at all. We have decided to keep our distance first. What do you say about this?

Flower of life, all you describe here are the classic signs of an energy vampire. Emotionally controlled means as much as you take each other's energy and react to it. He's angry, you take the energy and then you're even angrier. You leave the decisions to other people. So you don't expend your own energy to make decisions, but ask questions of others. These questions trigger pain and lack of energy among others. You think of him, so you don't have something in your head, a void, you think of him and want something from him, an answer, for example, to the question: What should I wear? You use it to draw the energy away from him. When that happens often, the other feels sucked out. He notices practically every time, oh, I feel sucked out, then a question comes from you and he immediately knows why he just felt so uncomfortable, because you want to know something about him. However, these character traits, which you call as non-energy vampire, are classic characteristics of an energy vampire. I worry about my boyfriend, means as much as, I think about my boyfriend all the time, I want him to do well. What can he need? Can I help him somehow? What can we do together? Where do we go tomorrow? What are we watching on TV tonight? All these questions, every single one, takes a little bit away from him of his energy. He feels sloppy and matte. Must constantly make decisions that you impose on him. That's something he doesn't want like that. As a man, he already wants to make decisions, to say where it goes, but not so starkly. The
n you write, his feelings and desires are very important to me. So you're constantly thinking about your friend's feelings and desires. You know that for sure, you want to do someone something good, you do it because you think, yeah, that's just the right thing to do. You prepared it for a long time. Now you give him that, or do this activity and suddenly you realize you're getting really one choked in. It's stink-sour because you did that. That wasn't important at all, he didn't want to have that at all. He makes a nasty remark. And why all this? Because you pulled all the energy off him beforehand. Then he realizes why he lacks all the energy and he pops a thing in you and gets that energy again, because the energy is much more important to him than this gift what you give him. This cinema visit you've been preparing for a long time, the great tablecloth you bought to make the living room beautiful. The pillow for the bedroom, or, or, or. None of this mattered. Important was for him, energy deduction over a long time, then realized who deducted the energy, then retrieved energy. That's why he choked you one. He's
of the opinion, you're still sucking him out. This suction happens automatically with you. You do things you feel comfortable with. And whenever you feel comfortable, you're just sucking someone else out. Getting out of there is really a big problem. Because you have to do things, intentionally, where you feel uncomfortable, that is, where you give off energy. One way to get out of it would be to wear a protective ball, an esoteric protective device, whatever you want to choose, (there is enough in esoteric literature) that shields you from others. Which means that you do not absorb energy from others, nor emit energy to others. So you keep your energy with you and the others keep their energy. At first glance, this becomes very uncomfortable for you because you no longer have that sense of well-being, which you always have when others give you energy. But in time you then get away from taking energy away from others. If you then find a system for how you get energy, there are also enough things you can do, for example, embrace a tree (read about esoteric methods), then you can get your own energy, which is not of humans. And so people can like to have you, still you deal with them.