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You have cancer? Bad luck!

Energy is neutral.
Applied, it can perform positives such as negatives.
I explain how energy can be guided.
The decision is up to everyone themselves.

On 03.01. The star from the online platform has published an article: Us researchers consider cancer to be
unit.This article gives me very great hope that the real causes of cancer are still to be found-to be scientifically studied. I firmly believe that a third of all cancers are solely due to other people having greedy thoughts about the person with cancer, respectively. Before, and as a result, the cancer has arise
n. The article says: Cancer researcher Bert Vogelstein, along with bioinformatician Christian Thomas Hedy, has created a mathematical model to calculate the likelihood of developing cancer. The article says roughly what it is all
about … The scientists compared their studies with general cancer statistics and came to the following conclusion: Only one third of all cancers are due to the lifestyle of the person concerned. That said, it doesn't matter if they smoke, eat toxic stuff. The likelihood of getting cancer simply has to do with cell division and doesn't have the lifestyle of people.
The cancer cells would form randomly in cell division. The mathematician involved in the study, Martin Nowak, reassumes: Here, the fundamental risk of being a mammal consists of cells that need to divide takes hold.
So you have determined in 22 out of 31 cancers that there is a link between cell division rate and the likelihood of getting cancer and not getting cancer at all between lifestyle and probability.
So I'm happy hope that science now realizes: Oh, there has to be something else that triggers cancer. Env
ironmental influences alone cannot be. And that one finally comes to the realization, we examine the families (not the genes), but what they think, what they want to know about the sufferers. W
hat mental attitude does the sufferer have. And could this mental attitude and what people want from him might have an impact on his condition. You're going to notice startling stuff.