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Finding the meaning of life

First of all, I want to tell you, there is a great plan by everyone having their job. If you do your job, then that's okay, if you don't do it, someone else does it at some poi
nt. So if you don't complete your task, someone else does it later, which leads to what you should have triggered in the world happens later. Because so many people don't know the meaning of their lives, don't follow it, so fulfill it, a lot of stuff is delayed, but come later. We would be much further along in human development if everyone found and fulfilled the meaning of their lives. Furthermore, I tell you, perhaps the meaning of your life is not what you imagine. Most people think the point of their lives would be something big, beautiful, wonderful, but it can also be something small. Something that triggers bigger stuff again. Your task is, for example, to die in a traffic accident next year, because the person driving you dead is to be prevented from going somewhere, and then triggering other things. Most people have a fairly small sense or a simple task. Which, of course, leads to terrible disappointment when one has found out the meaning of one's life. Nevertheless, you're here because you want to find out the meaning of your life, and I'll help you do
that. The first point that must be clear to you
is this: You have chosen this life to fulfill the meaning of your life. That is, the parents you came to, the things you experienced as a child, belong to the meaning of your life. They don't have to be cause or effect, they belong with them. So let's start.
Fate has a purpose for your life. So you have a job in life. We want to find out these now. The first thing you do is to consider what life has forced you to do so far. What things did you have to learn. What have other people done to create a reaction within you, to create a doctrine within you, to create a knowledge withi
n you. Try to figure out what you had to learn. What have you been forced to do by life. What can you do. What insights do you have. Y
ou're writing these things down now. That's possibly six, seven things. When you're older, around fifty years old, it's maybe twenty, thirty things. You continue to do with it, where do you want to go. What do you want to achieve. To do that, you also do what others want from you. What do people want from you that you do, what you don't want or want, no matte
r. So now you have written down different things, first of all what your life forced you to do, what you want and what others want from you
. Now you start all over again and write down what you wanted to learn. Everything you wanted to learn and what you learned by choice. You write it all down now. Possible on a timeline that you can see what you had to learn first, what did you want to learn first, what came after it, etc. How did the matter develop? What came to that. What did you learn. What results from this. What did you want to continue to learn because you learned the on
e thing. You put aside this piece of paper, with these events, these things that you have learned, now you put it aside and look at it again in a few days, a week. What you do then is, you try to figure out that commonality. Where has what you have experienced so far taken you, and where does that take you if you carry on like this, and where does learning all the things you wanted to learn and do all that others ask of you to do. You then realize, when you look carefully, that there are some unnecessary things that you didn't need to learn. They happened to you because it was an apprenticeship for others. And then there's some stuff there you realize quite clearly, that's something that has to do with my meaning of life. And you connect the stuff. You're trying to figure out that commonality of the stuff, that direction, in which that's evolving. That's a trend that points in a certain direction. Also check if these situations you wrote down have occurred more often. So there were things that often happened to you, just in other variations. And if you have those, then you have a super smooth line where you can spot the trend of what your job or the meaning of your life is. One
thing is clear. Just by looking for the meaning of life, by showing that your meaning is not insignificant. People who see no meaning in life or are in the world for little things, just to get the undertaker 3,000,–euros, for example, who are not looking for the meaning of life at all. So if you're looking, it means that your meaning of life is a higher
one. If you've put together all the stuff that happened in your life and you've found the direction, write me in the comments at the link below and let's discuss it.

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