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Time Difference – The 13th Reason why you do not recognize biokinesis

The 13th Reason why you do not realize that biokinesis exists, that someone thinks about you much later than you think he thinks.

I explain to you here how this happens:

You know that for sure, something happens to you throughout the day.

You lie in bed in the evening and then get really angry about what happened there during the day, because you just remember that.

The moment that you remember what happened there during the day, the other has a sense of well-being.

I'll explain you more situations where that works the same way.

You have finished your tax return. You sent her off.

Months later, the taxman processes your tax return and sees all the mistakes you have in there.

He's terribly annoyed with how stupid you are that you can not make a simple tax return.

He writes you a letter and sends him away.

In the moment you have a sense of well-being. But you do not know whence it comes from.

One day or even a week later, because the taxman commissions the letter and eventually letters are always sent on Fridays, in the form of mass letters, you get the letter and then can only understand when someone was mad at you.

Because maybe the date is in the letter and you can remember what happened there.

So, just something happens. You have an exhilaration and do not know who exactly hates you.

Another example: I w
orked for a long time in the security sector, as a guard on the train and a detective in supermarkets,

That's when I came across a phenomenon that happened to me over and over again.

And there was, at the end of the month, a day when I suddenly got terrible stomach ache. Just like that, the stomach ache was there.

Days later, I got my payroll and found, because they have shit me again to a few night shift hours, late shift surcharges or once again a supermarket left out, forgotten to enter.

If it had happened only once, you might think it was coincidence or an oversight.

But it happened regularly. But that does not matter. What matters is the following:

This has happened over and over again over the years and I understood that at the time when I had a stomachache, the accountant or accountant was sitting at my payroll and shitting me for a few hours.

I could only see that, however, when I got the payroll.

Today, when I have a stomach ache, I check first if the employer is currently making my payroll.

And then I'll take a close look.

Other example:

I took my car to the garage, had it repaired and picked it up again.

The bill should be sent to me.

I suddenly get a stomachache. Okay, I did not think anything of it. That this has to do with the car repair, I did not know, because it can be anything.

So two hours later I get a call from the garage: "Yes, so our bookkeeping has miscalculated. Although we have already finished the calculation, but we still have to subtract the amount, with the working hours, what was wrong. Is that okay? "

I had not even got the bill. I did not know how tall she was. I just set a cap that they should not come across and that was the end of it.

But again it was clear, two hours earlier, the guy who created the bill noticed, "Oh, shit, we have miscalculated. We have to charge Albrecht a much higher amount. What do we do now?"

They thought for a moment and decided: "Okay, we'll call him. We inform him that the bill is much higher than expected. And then the thing is done. What should he do?"

And so it was.

The last example, again one from the Internet:

I was on the internet looking for a design for women over 50 for my website.

Women are more interested in my posts than men. I can see that in the statistics on the Internet.

And I thought so, of course, I would like to make a design that women like better than men.

Nothing angular, sharp-edged, dark, rather light, beautiful, round, what women like better.

So I'm on the Internet and asked in our Facebook group, which has to do with WordPress, if someone has something, if someone knows something, if there is such a thing.

Webdesign for women over 50.

Then I went out. Ten minutes later I had a very uncomfortable feeling.

As I guessed what could be there, I'll be back online soon, and fact, five male designers have come forward and scolded me as the Pipefish, as I dare to discriminate against women?

Why do women over 50 need an extra design, that's total mischief. That would be discrimination.

Of course I fell off the clouds. Why can not you design what women like better than men? Total mischief.

Incidentally, they were designers. I then quickly unsubscribed from this group.

But again it was a fine example of how you make such hater, such people who, for incomprehensible reasons, persecute you or fritter you over, make you feel bad.

In this case, the gap between asking questions and bad feeling was quite short.

But sometimes it takes longer, as I've already reported, where I was in a karate forum for two months and had a bad feeling, and then two months later I realized that this karate forum had been savagely abused, about me ,

Good, that was it for today again.

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