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Physical pain overlays bioharm-The 5th Problem

The 5th Essential reason why you can't recognize biokinesis:

The 5th Essential reason why you can't see that other people are creating your itching or pain when you have physical pain yourself.
So if you have a throat infection and your neck hurts with every sip and someone ponders where you are right now and creates itching on your foot with it, then the itching on the foot is not interested. You don't even think about that itch. It's just incidental because your neck hurts so much. You can't even note that now someone creates pain with you, the little itching on your foot, because the neck hurts you. The greater pain obscures the smaller pain. The smaller one is not important, it is uninteresting. It is not taken into account.
If you are pain-free, living well and healthy, it is easy to see, there is itching, now who thinks of me. Now toothache is coming back, someone is scared of me. Now come headache again, since someone wants to know what I think I'm doing, etc .. Now I have itching in stride because my wife, my husband, wants sex with me.
The other way around, though, it goes, too. What I mean by that, if you have pain in your throat, and people think about why you have pain in your throat, then the pain in your throat gets stronger.
A good example, I experienced myself in the theater. I had to cough up a quick quick before the performance. Then inside the theatre I had to cough again, and then again, then again. That's when I've already realised that the people behind me are bothering this. As a result, I got strong stabbing in my throat. The cough got worse. I had to take my jumper off, hold face in front of the face to be quieter. The pain became so severe that tears rose in my eyes. I'm quick out there to stop harassing people. Outside, the cough was gone immediately. No pain in the throat, no more coughing, everything okay.
Vorm Theater, everything okay, inside the cough, which got stronger and stronger, outside all well again.
That's the 2. Page. The greater pain prevents the smaller pain from detecting, or the people who are disrupting the effects of your pain are amplifying it.


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