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Biokinesis and attractiveness 3/6

How to become more attractive with the help of biokinesis: Why is self-esteem attractive? You are aware of yourself. You feel your body, you know what you want. You know what you do not want. You cut everything out of your life, what you do not want to have. You bring in your life what you want. You are self-confident. Self-confidence has a lot to do with energy. You have the power to change your […]

Biokinesis and attractiveness 2/6

How to become more attractive with the help of biokinesis you will find out here today: Of course, there are also foods that make you attractive. Fresh fruits and vegetables is better than the hamburger and chips. Wherever we have to say, there are also people who can eat healthily by simply going to Mac Donald's for years and eating burgers. How can that be? The true, honest and deeply convinced thought: "That makes me […]

AKK – Avita comments comments

How should I forget my loved one? He told me he doesn't feel like me. There are two reasons why you cannot forget your loved one: first The beautiful experiences that are stored in your head, with a lot of beautiful energy. That explains itself. It becomes weaker and less relevant because it is gone and therefore it is no longer interesting. You can change that yourself with NLP techniques (neuro-linguistic programming) by simply reducing […]

Umbrella Association Spiritual Healing (DGH) Association and Congress – my experience

Here I would like to tell you what I have experienced in the umbrella organization Spiritual Healing (DGH): I am currently sitting in Waiblingen in the underground car park, under the Bürgerhaus and waiting for the beginning of the seminar with Alexander Hartmann. This is a hypnosis seminar I would like to see. I still have a little time, that's why I make the video or the post here now and not at home. In […]

Why men cuddle publicly on the eggs

You as a woman surely know that? You go somewhere long, you see a man from far away. Shortly after, he grabs his crotch and scratches his balls. Why this is and what you can do to make sure that does not happen or that happens: Two beautiful situations. The first situation: I was about 26 or 27 years old and drive to the disco with my then girlfriend and her two friends. A large-capacity […]

Replication crisis – no problem with biokinesis

There has been a so-called replication crisis in the sciences for years. That is, the scientific studies can not be understood by other scientists. Now scientists are blaming each other for shitting each other and looking for solutions to this problem. Now raw data will be published, from the experiments, u.s.w .. What these scientists can learn from psychokinesis to make their studies solid, I'll tell you now: From the psychokinesis or especially the biokinesis […]

Why "unasked questions" create pain

Why unanswered questions can cause pain: Someone has a big, important question for you. He wants to know something. But decency forbids him to ask that question. Because it does not belong. Because he has learned that you do not do that. Because you are married. Whatever the reason, he thinks he can not ask that question. But the question interests him burning. So he starts talking around it. He asks everything. Take the example: […]

Long thinking = hard sick

How long someone thinks of you decides dadover how seriously you get sick: The short question: "Where are you?" Creates itching in the foot. The itch is short and may only stay until the other knows where you are. By evening, perhaps, if you're chatting by phone: "Where were you at 1730am 00? That's when I thought of you. " But if the questions are of a different nature, and prolonged, the pain in your […]

Long thinking = seriously ill

How long someone thinks about you, decides how hard you get sick: The short question: "Where are you?" produces itching in the foot. The itching is brief and may only last until the other knows where you are. Until the evening maybe, when you talk over the phone: "Where were you at 5:00 pm? I thought of you there." But if the questions are of a different nature, and longer lasting, the pain in your […]

Rhetorical question = no pain and no itching

Why rhetorical questions do not cause pain, even though they have the same wording as a question causes pain: A rhetorical question, a question that is simply posed without really wanting to know what the answer is, does not cause pain. The same question, however, posed with great interest, produces intense pain. A nice example is the morning question at work: "Hello, how are you? Everything okay?" That's a question, it's purely rhetorical. Nobody wants […]

Walking pain-The 10th Problem of biokinesis

Why wandering pain is such a big problem in bioinesis: Wandering pain, I call the itch or pain that occurs one after the other in different places. You have z. B. itching on the head, then on the nose, then perhaps on the ear, on the neck, on the chest and then on the abdomen. A normal person cannot establish any connection at all. He then scratches his head, on his nose, on his ear […]

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