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Long thinking = hard sick

How long someone thinks of you decides dadover how seriously you get sick: The short question: "Where are you?" Creates itching in the foot. The itch is short and may only stay until the other knows where you are. By evening, perhaps, if you're chatting by phone: "Where were you at 1730am 00? That's when I thought of you. " But if the questions are of a different nature, and prolonged, the pain in your […]

Walking pain-The 10th Problem of biokinesis

Why wandering pain is such a big problem in bioinesis: Wandering pain, I call the itch or pain that occurs one after the other in different places. You have z. B. itching on the head, then on the nose, then perhaps on the ear, on the neck, on the chest and then on the abdomen. A normal person cannot establish any connection at all. He then scratches his head, on his nose, on his ear […]

Creating greed-The 9. Problem of biokinesis

Another reason why it is so hard to scientifically detect biohistory: It i s the great interest to generate. This great interest is the problem. For testing purposes, you'd have to generate a lot of interest in a question, in another person, to make them pain, to prove that it really works. When we're just like that on the street, your husband has run far away, lost to you, you think, "Hach, where is he […]

Problem #: 8 Recognizing Biokinesis-You Self

Why you are to blame yourself, that others can't remember what they just thought about you: The situation is this: You have, for example, B. Heartbreak and now want to know what your partner thought, what the question he thought was called to find out what question has now created your heartbreak. So I have heartbreak, realise I have heartbreak and immediately think, "What is she thinking?" I then pronounce the thought, "What do you […]

Feedback-The 7th Reason why you don't recognize biokinesis

Why mental feedback, the 7. Big problem with biokinesis is: Thought feedback, what do I mean by that? I mean, there's z. B. a couple, he thinks, "What do you think?" Or "What does she think right now?" She gets a headache and thinks, "What do you think?" Or "What does he want to know?" Or "What interests him again?" Which causes the man to get a headache. And he continues to interest and more […]

Lies-The 6th Reason why you can't recognize biokinesis

Why lying is one of the biggest problems, why people don't realize that biokinesis exists. Why they don't realize that other people are creating their pain: Let's assume you know biokinesis exists. You know other people can create pain with you through their questions and thoughts. Now you want to find out what question the other one has right now. You meet the caretaker. You hold a short chat and you suddenly have itching in […]

Physical pain overlays bioharm-The 5th Problem

The 5th Essential reason why you can't recognize biokinesis: The 5th Essential reason why you can't see that other people are creating your itching or pain when you have physical pain yourself. So if you have a throat infection and your neck hurts with every sip and someone ponders where you are right now and creates itching on your foot with it, then the itching on the foot is not interested. You don't even think […]

Timedelay-The 4th Problem in biokinesis

The timedelay or the time lag that fourth major problem in detecting biokinesis: Not always pain occurs immediately when someone else thinks of you. Not always do you have the thought immediately that someone else sends you. This has to do with the fact that the idea is practically at the back. If you've just got something to do, you're drifting. B. watching sports, or thinking about something important, and the other thinks of you, […]

Pain grinding-The 3. Problem that doesn't reveal biokinesis

Why you can be responsible for being in pain: I call the problem that pain generator pinges on. This is about the following: When you think of your aunt Emma, it can make your aunt Emma think of you. Suddenly it occurs to her that she still wants something very important to know about you. This is how Aunt Emma creates pain with you. So, you're pinging someone on. You think briefly of someone. Who […]

The 2nd Reason why you don't recognize biokinesis

Why the type of relationship you have with another human affect the location of your itch, pain and illness: There are different types of relationships. You can have a purely intellectual relationship with someone. One work colleague, two academics who likes to talk about work problems and talk a lot, are more likely to have an intellectual relationship. Two girlfriends are more likely to have a communicative relationship. They know each other well and like […]

Forgetfulness-The biggest problem in biokinesis

When the distances are small, between the pain and what happens. A nice example: It's late. A warm summer evening. You sit on the balcony with your partner, chatting quietly. The light is out, only a candle is on the table. To the neighbor's balcony is a separation disc of milk glass. All of a sudden you have a hearing change. One says aloud, "Oh, someone is going to listen." There you can hear foottapes […]

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