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Evil Ghosts-Why Are They?

I had five sos asks:
Why are there evil spirits?
You can call good and evil spirits. And sometimes I wonder, why are there actually evil spirits who want to do something to innocent people?

Whether these are good or evil spirits is a matter of view. If a spirit needs something, wants something, and this comes from you, then it appears to you as an evil spirit. For him, though, you're a good spirit because you give him something. It's a similar story with these good spirits. Someone would like to give something, I'm a good spirit, I want to give something, someone else comes, just takes it that way without thanking and walks away. Now I could say this is an evil spirit. He doesn't give me anything for it, just takes it and goes away. For him, I'm a good spirit, he's an evil spirit to me.
Presumably, though, you want to go back to completely different things. Ghosts who want to summon evil in the spirit, ghosts who want to kill you …
Again, there's the possibility, someone wants you not to do something, for example, he scares you to prevent you from doing that. And you just see, this is an evil spirit that scares me, he wants to hurt me or kill me. But actually he's doing something good. This division into good and evil, you really can't do it. That's really a view thing. Just as black and white magic is a matter of view.
How does it affect me, what he does there, how does it affect him, what he does there, and how does it affect the third party, what he does there. For one it's good, bad for the other. When I do my portmonnaie on, it's bad for me if you take money out, but for you it's possibly good if you take money out. What is evil, what is good? Which of the two of us is good? Which of the two of us is evil? View thing. And it's the same with the spirits. So don't stiffen on what good and what evil is. Kuck after that, what do the and why do the do that. Then you get much closer to the thing that matters there.

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