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Biokinesis paralyzes paranormal abilities

Energy is neutral.
Applied, it can perform positives such as negatives.
I explain how energy can be guided.
The decision is up to everyone themselves.

Expectation disables your psychic skills. Why is that?
The expectation is a gentle form of greed. Someone expects you to do something. I take the example of a voucher who takes a test at the GWUP. There are ten people standing around, he's taking the test, falling through, although he's always hit the water charaders. In the end, the scientists say, "Your result is average."
He says: "The pressure of expectation was so high. The nerve costume was not enough. "
He's right to say his ability he hasn't been able to bring out here because the pressure of expectation has been so high. Because other people wanted him to show his cause.
It's the same as it was at school back then. If the teacher who already knew the result wanted you to know the solution to a task, you had a blackout. You've learned before, you've done, done, he asks you and you don't think of the solution. That's because the teacher has access to your brain, thus disabling your ability to remember that outcome.
It is the same with the wish route singers who are being tested by the GWUP. There are many people, friends of the route walker and the scientists who, of course, are also hoping to get the ultimate realisation, to make the ultimate new discovery, finally someone who really has a paranormal talent. They assume in principle that he can't do that and yet they work in this area to be the first to discover how someone has that ability. James Randi works the same way. From the point of view of biohistory, these people actually disable this ability. A very significant disadvantage in these scientific studies that the GWUP does is that there are louder people around who want the paranormal to demonstrate its ability. Because that's exactly what disables the ability to have that paranormal ability. This is biokinesis. I want someone to do something and they can't do it because I disable it through my greed. I want someone not to do something and I activate it by putting energy into it, into his head, into his ability and he can. Millions of parents talk to me from the heart who do not want their children to play computers in the evening until the night and the kids feel comfortable, not only because the computer game is great, but also because they get a lot of energy from their parents.
So if the GWUP were to eliminate this factor, which is that many people think of the paranormal, the quota would probably be much higher. So it would have to be that no one knows when the tests are taking place right now. So, it would have to be automated. Water flows through the water pipe by five to ten air, ten to ten water. The scientists do not know that at 10am the attempt started, but only the paranormal knows this. And as a result, the rate would probably be much higher because the ability is not deactivated in the paranormal. It's similar with laying cards, wisdom, predictions. I myself have experienced it. I have met someone who can make great predictions and have actively protected myself from him. I wore a protective ball. I didn't know that he can do that, that he wants to do it right now. I only found out afterwards.  And really, the man didn't see anything. He couldn't see anything and then asks me afterwards if I had any special skills to protect myself or if I have that ability at all. I myself, of course, knew why he couldn't see anything because I made this protective ball. I didn't tell him, but it opened my eyes, if I protect myself, he can't see anything at all. If I'm open, he can disable, he can do something in my aura, in my head, however that works exactly.
Fact is, greed (so want to have) disables the paranormal ability.
All those who see this here and want to perform at the GWUP themselves and test their paranormal ability simply have to protect themselves. Himself and the experiment, in front of the other people who are greedily waiting to be the first to discover this paranormal ability. It is sad but true that the GWUP people themselves disable the paranormal abilities in their subjects.
Paranormelters like the GWUP's, direct their greed at the paranormal, thus disabling the skills. Like paradox!
No one notices that they themselves have skills that are currently called "paranormal."

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