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Biokinesis and attractiveness 6/6

How to become more attractive with the help of biokinesis:

Why is the Milf so interesting?

For those who do not know what a Milf is:

As Milf young men call older women, so z. B. the mother of the best buddy.

Why is she so interesting?

And why does not the Milf care about you as a young man?

Very easily. For her as a mother, it's clear: she's not going to do anything with her son's buddy.

Sex is the absolute taboo. There is nothing. She does not even think about it.

It's not that they do not want that, it just does not happen in their world of thought.

And you as a young man, sexually full in the juice, get this energy. And do you think so horny. The absolutely hottest woman. At least you want sex with him.

But that has only to do with the fact that she absolutely rejects you.

Exactly the same with young girls and older men.

Teacher, nice example:

The teacher has learned, by no means do you start something with a student. He knows he gets a career ban.

He knows he has a lot of problems when he starts something with his student.

And what happens?

Half of the girls in the school class find the teacher really sexy. And maybe even dredge him.

This has to do only with the fact that for him, sex, physical approach, any things that have anything to do with it, are absolutely taboo for him.

He gives energy into it. He refuses. And that makes him especially attractive to young girls. It's that easy. the.

The moment the teacher finds his students horny, they just find him greasy.

He is just disgusting. You do not want to have anything to do with it. You go out of the way. You talk bad about that. He is just disgusting.

Because he wants to have him like the young girl.

It is exactly the same with the older, unattractive teacher, who is quite willing to have sex with a twenty-year-old or a teenager.

It's just disgusting. This feeling is only generated by you, because she wants or is not averse because she is open to it.

This is how it works with milfs, older men and young girls.

Attractive and yet single:

Very simple thing:

You're beautiful, you think, have a good character, and yet you're single.

Nobody wants to have anything to do with you.

Because you are open to everyone. Because you want something from everyone. Because you are ready for anyone to do something.

Because you want to please everyone, you do not like anyone.

You've screwed your needs down so far because you did not get anyone that nobody wants you anymore.

You only become attractive again when you start to set up rules.

When you realize that you want to have and that you do not want to have.

You want a man who is like that.

You want a woman who has these and those qualities.

And then come exactly those who do not like you.

Now, of course, is your problem, do you realize, continue to maintain this rejection and still take it?

Or, if you do not want to do that based on rejection, you can give love to that one. Can you really create and radiate light in yourself, opposite to the other?

Or, you can just be neutral, face the other, and be loved by him.

If you can do that, you will not be single for a long time.

Or start loving the single life and hate the relationship. Hate to get into a relationship.

That's your biggest problem now, because you really want to have that you're in a relationship.

And this is definitely what I want to do is why you do not have it.

So get away from it. Distract yourself. Do something different. Start hating relationships.

Looking for reasons why you should not have a relationship and then it happens at some point. Zack, you slip into a relationship.

Then of course start not to love the relationship and to hate being single, otherwise you'll be back, zack.

So you have to get that idea out of your mind. Because he is the reason that you do not hate that.

It could all come to you if you were neutral, or would reject it.

People react to energy.

Things are different for objects. You can not hate this car and it will come to you.

Or, you can not hate this hair clip and then it comes to you.

But you can hate someone for giving you this hair clip.

You can NOT HAVE wanted your husband to give you a Porsche. Provided, if he can afford it.

Then you will probably get the Porsche. Your husband will press him on your eye.

But to hate that, you have to put in lots of energy.

Either intentionally or through great hatred and rejection, you really have because your battering father has had a Porsche.

Then you hate having a Porsche and driving.

Do you understand this basic principle?

All these things that I have told you here have this basic principle.

Give energy into the brain of the other. Give in to the other one. HAVE NOT WANTED that the energy flows there, but radiate, do.

Do not want to happen, but do.

When is a city attractive?

I can give you a nice example:

I like the feeling of vacation. This be free. Do not have to worry about anything. No boss who is there and orders you around.

This, you can do and leave what you want. You lie around the whole day, drinking cocktails …, great, impeccable.

I only got to know this in a single city.

In Büsum. At that time, I had not been on vacation many times and come to Büsum, and I have the feeling of being on holiday all over Büsum.

You walk the street and have the feeling: "Now I'm on vacation."

You come to the beach and have the feeling: "Here is a holiday."

In this city, Büsum, the idea sticks everywhere: "I have holidays."

No one wants to have a holiday there except the few inhabitants. They think about it: "I want to have a vacation now."

But everyone who is there, and that's the mass of people who are in Büsum, think, "I'm on vacation now."

And this: "I have holidays now.", Stuck in the whole city. In every street, every shop and every place.

That's why I think it's awesome.

Having a holiday is the dominant feeling. It does not matter if you work there or are unemployed.

That makes you attractive. There's energy in the form of, with the name, "I'm on vacation now."

And that makes everyone feel like they are on vacation.

If you do not want to be attractive, but just attractive.

So, you are convinced of yourself. Not, you convince yourself, "I want to be attractive. – Well, I'm attractive now. "

No, do everything that you are really attractive. For you
. Then you emit that and you're just it.

And everyone else will see it.

Why am I so popular with homosexuals even though I'm heterosexual?

Again, the same principle.

Do you reject it, you do not want to have anything to do with homosexual things. If that's annoying to you, disgusting, whatever, you radiate that energy to these people.

And then they'll find you attractive, or come to tell you they'd like something for you.

I used to live in a house where every morning and every evening at the same time a young woman passed by.

She was not particularly attractive, not very tall, not particularly beautiful. Not ugly. An average woman.

She passed every day. I saw her there. Early, smoking. In the evening with a beer. OK.

I knew she was always there at the same time. And one day, she was suddenly incredibly interesting to me.

I can not say what was suddenly attractive to the woman for me. I dont know.

She was suddenly interesting. I had the desire to get to know her.

That went on for about two or three weeks. After that she suddenly was not interesting to me anymore. I do not know. I never spoke to her.

But I still remember how interesting and attractive she was to me at this time.

Months later she had a big ball. She was pregnant.

When I go back, that must have been the time she realized she was pregnant or had a great new boyfriend.

She must have done something in time that made her especially attractive.

Maybe it was, "Oh, I'm going to be a mother now. Now I'm something special. "

With a child in the stomach, you can already think that. You can be sure of that. You can know, now you are something special. With all friends, relatives, u.s.w ..

A very good friend came up with a bizarre ide
a: he has heard that if you do not want sex, you get some. If you are not eager for it, you get sex.

So he got it himself before the date with his girlfriend. Then he did not feel like it anymore.

The relationship has broken up. Maybe because he was no longer sexually attractive.

He has achieved that he did not want sex anymore. But he was no longer attractive to the opposite sex.

The guy was in top condition. He looked good, was funny, caring, nice, polite. Great guy. If I had been a woman, I would have taken him right away.

But he does that shit.

So if you think you're getting it yourself, you do not want sex and get some. You can forget that.

Because, this charisma, this sexually charged, you have no more. That's just gone.

Many people think, "I have to get it for myself because I do not have a partner. I'm hot now. Okay, I'll do it myself. "

But this "making oneself" first makes you no longer sexually attractive.

The guys notice: "The chick over there, she's sure to have a boyfriend and enough sex. I do not need to start it. "

Some guys do not even come here anymore.

Or, the girls who see the guy thinking, "Nah, he's not interesting."

He just does not radiate this "being sexy".

This "sexy" radiate, you have only if you have not had sex for a long time.

If you give it yourself every day, you have enough sex and no one wants to have sex with you, because everyone realizes that he has enough or that does not need it or, he just does not exude that he wants sex.

As simple as that. The many singles out there who are getting it themselves, stop it today and I bet you will meet someone within 40 days.

Try it, hold on. After two, three days it will be hard.

There will be stark situations where you are really keen to give it to yourself. Leave it. Do not do it, go through it, even though you have that strong feeling.

Then someone will come who is keen on this feeling, on this charisma.

Try it. Read the post today. In forty days, write a comment on what happened.

My wife says: "Avi, that can not be. I know someone who did it himself every day in his youth, and yet he had a bunch of women. "

Yes that's right.

What I write here does not apply to all people. What I write here is not all-encompassing, always and always right.

But if you have this problem, and you think I can solve your problem, then solve it the way that I tell you.

And if that does not help, that's not the right thing for you.

Then look for another solution to this problem. You will surely find something.

I'm the guy who talks about biokinesis and how the energy has to do with it.

Here I explain how attractiveness and biokinesis are related.

Yes, there are other possibilities.

Yes, there are other things that work differently, but that's not what I know and I do not. of which I report.

I talk about the flow of energy from one head to the next, and what that does.

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