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Avoid self-injuring people!

Avoid people who hurt themselves, like the plague. Do not talk to you. Circumvent them. Stay away from them. People who hurt themselves can infect you. Why it is like that: One of my karate masters told me many years ago, "Frank, stay away from sick people. They are infectious. They're hitting you. " It seemed logical to me then, because a person who has an illness had a behavior that led him to this […]

Umbrella Association Spiritual Healing (DGH) Association and Congress – my experience

Here I would like to tell you what I have experienced in the umbrella organization Spiritual Healing (DGH): I am currently sitting in Waiblingen in the underground car park, under the Bürgerhaus and waiting for the beginning of the seminar with Alexander Hartmann. This is a hypnosis seminar I would like to see. I still have a little time, that's why I make the video or the post here now and not at home. In […]

Regularly scared – always at the same time

Do you have a feeling of fear regularly at a certain time? I'll explain why this is so: So you have a feeling of anxiety at a certain time. At 7:00 am or 6:00 am, getting up. You have set the alarm clock, at 6:00 in the morning and suddenly this feeling of fear comes. You realize that feeling of fear is always the same. Sometimes feelings of anxiety feel different, but this is always […]

Women call the ambulance too late – you know the pain

On 06.03.2019, title of Ärzteblatt.de: Women are often too hesitant in heart attack symptoms. Women call the emergency doctor for themselves much later than for men. Why it is like that: So there's a woman who suddenly has a heartache. The left arm hurts her, the back still and that lasts 15 minutes. The woman, however, has nothing better to do than to finish washing the dishes, to go to bed, or to go to […]

Replication crisis – no problem with biokinesis

There has been a so-called replication crisis in the sciences for years. That is, the scientific studies can not be understood by other scientists. Now scientists are blaming each other for shitting each other and looking for solutions to this problem. Now raw data will be published, from the experiments, u.s.w .. What these scientists can learn from psychokinesis to make their studies solid, I'll tell you now: From the psychokinesis or especially the biokinesis […]

Infections cause mental disorders -Häää?

On 07.12.2018, the Ärzteblatt reports: Infections can increase the risk of mental disorders in children. Why the bullshit is I explain to you here: The report says that a study was done in Denmark. Who cares: Jama Psychiatry 2018 Deu10001 Jama Psychiatry 2018 3428. For the professionals who know what to do with it. So, the report says that in Denmark children were compared who have mental disorders. It has been found that the children […]

Why "unasked questions" create pain

Why unanswered questions can cause pain: Someone has a big, important question for you. He wants to know something. But decency forbids him to ask that question. Because it does not belong. Because he has learned that you do not do that. Because you are married. Whatever the reason, he thinks he can not ask that question. But the question interests him burning. So he starts talking around it. He asks everything. Take the example: […]

Long thinking = seriously ill

How long someone thinks about you, decides how hard you get sick: The short question: "Where are you?" produces itching in the foot. The itching is brief and may only last until the other knows where you are. Until the evening maybe, when you talk over the phone: "Where were you at 5:00 pm? I thought of you there." But if the questions are of a different nature, and longer lasting, the pain in your […]

Long thinking = hard sick

How long someone thinks of you decides dadover how seriously you get sick: The short question: "Where are you?" Creates itching in the foot. The itch is short and may only stay until the other knows where you are. By evening, perhaps, if you're chatting by phone: "Where were you at 1730am 00? That's when I thought of you. " But if the questions are of a different nature, and prolonged, the pain in your […]

Rhetorical question = no pain and no itching

Why rhetorical questions do not cause pain, even though they have the same wording as a question causes pain: A rhetorical question, a question that is simply posed without really wanting to know what the answer is, does not cause pain. The same question, however, posed with great interest, produces intense pain. A nice example is the morning question at work: "Hello, how are you? Everything okay?" That's a question, it's purely rhetorical. Nobody wants […]

Special features in biokinesis – The pain intensity

Today I'll tell you what the pain intensity can tell you: If you are in such pain you have not pushed, you have not eaten anything wrong, but suddenly there is pain, toothache, abdominal pain, headache …, just like that, in the middle of a situation, then someone is thinking of you. This someone wants something from you. You can see how much he wants it by the level of pain. The stronger your pain, […]

Special features in biokinesis – rhythmic itching

I have two examples of rhythmic pain and its causes: The first example: You have two seconds of pain, then five seconds no pain, two seconds of pain, five seconds no pain. This goes on. One reason may be that someone is trying not to think about you. Someone does not want to think about you. Someone wants to prevent him from thinking of you all the time. Well, he has a question for you, […]

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