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When the witch is killed – That's how it works.

You can be slain as a witch anywhere in the world, no matter where you are. It does not matter if you are one or not.

Why it is like that:

An article by nickpol has been published in the Bright block (Bright – The Nature of Doubt):

The title is: Wife and daughter slain as alleged witches in India.

I summarize the article briefly:

It says that a 56-year-old woman and her daughter were killed for suspected witchcraft.

I'm interested in the title because, she did not have to be a witch. I explain why:

It is all about:

If you practice witchcraft, and other people are afraid of you.

Maybe someone dies and you've done some rituals before, people come to you.

They are afraid of you, and then this fear becomes so great that they kill you.

That can happen, as in this case in India.

But what can happen is that you have nothing to do with witchcraft at all.

That you did not even think about it for a second and still get killed because other people think: You're a witch.

How can that be?

That someone is killed, who made magic rituals, danced around fire and cooked small children, one can still understand.

But why someone who has nothing to do with it?

You know this for
sure: Has anyone ever accused you of something you did not even do that
you did not even think about, th
at had nothing to do with you?

I certainly had such an experience .. I'll tell you briefly:

A friend was at a party with me and suspected me of dying his girlfriend. I would be keen on his girlfriend.

I did not even think about it remotely. I did not think the girl was pretty, interesting, or anything.

That was just his girlfriend. She came along from time to time.

She was not there at all that day.


But he confronted me hard, I would want to relax his girlfriend. I would be keen on you, u.s.w ..

I never thought of it, fell from the clouds when he told me that.

What happened th

ere? What happens when strangers accuse you of doing something that you have not remotely thought of? With whom you have nothing to do.

It works like this:

Someone has a suspicion and sets it on you.

You know this model with the vibrations.

If you place a guitar in one corner of the room and pluck another guitar into the other corner and one, then the other will swing along.

Now, in the case, only one person is swinging and the other is not.

Nothing has anything to do with what you think. And that causes the behavior, your own behavior, to be reflected back to you.

Now we come to a second case that you may have already experienced.

Have you ever suspected someone else, and then he fell from the clouds?

And you may still be convinced today: "But that was exactly the case!"

Then maybe that's just the case.

The other one did not think the bean. Nothing in it resonates with what you suspect.

And your energy that you put in there, this hatred of the other, this suspect, who did something bad, comes from him, because it does not dock at all, does not resonate with him, immediately back to you and reinforces that with you ,

You yourself get more and more into the thought: "Yes, that's exactly what it does!"

And interpret every behavior that has the other, as exactly the behavior, what you have seen before. You know exactly who does what you think.

This mirroring of the other, if it has nothing at all, nothing whatsoever to do with this thing, is called mirroring.

Your energy comes back to you. Maybe even reinforced.

You yourself feel: "Yes, that's exactly how it is!"

Give that back and it will come back because of course it still does not sound like the other one.

Because the energy is not consumed there, it comes back to you one to one.

As a result, you have reactions and behaviors that are so absurd that no one else can explain them.

This may also have led to the killing of two people who had nothing to do with what they suspected.


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