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Anxiety makes immune system flat


In 2017, the Helmholtz Zentrum München and the Max Planck Institute for Psychiatry reported in a journal: Anxiety affects the immune system. Why these are just two symptoms of the same problem I tell you here:

So the people who get their anxiety disorders, examine them, and remember something wrong in the immune system. They conclude: Those who are afraid, their immune system is damaged.
But the matter is much deeper. When people think of you and want something from you, they pull your energy off. How a black hole draps the energy from a passing planet or from a sun. This energy people lack and they feel anxiety, cold, depression, pain, itching, something in the way. If this lasts longer, their organism weakens. The immune system must react to this or is also weakened.
If people want you to fight back against something, if they want to have you stand up to something, they weaken your immune system and create fear within you. These are many other factors that play along, all of which have to do with other people wanting something from you, that others are thinking of you.
I'm curious to see when they find out. That is not the fear of the cause of the immunodeficiency, but that anxiety is immunodeficiency, depression, pruritus sine materia, bipolar disorder … Effects are of thoughts and feelings that other people have.

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