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How should I forget my loved one? He told me he doesn't feel like me.

There are two reasons why you cannot forget your loved one:

first The beautiful experiences that are stored in your head, with a lot of beautiful energy.

That explains itself. It becomes weaker and less relevant because it is gone and therefore it is no longer interesting.

You can change that yourself with NLP techniques (neuro-linguistic programming) by simply reducing the beautiful photos you have in mind.

So you imagine the photos getting smaller, smaller, smaller. Then you take the color out and make it black and white.

If you have notes in mind, nice language, praising words you had, you make them quieter, softer, quieter and then that is gone.

The 2. The reason and that much more about biokinesis is that he thinks of you.

If he doesn't like you and you still don't like him, he sends energy to you. Which leads you to think about him again.

The memory of him reappears. You can do nothing about it, except with esoteric methods, that you protect yourself with ritual circles, wicca methods, to not receive any energy from it.

Sooner or later, this is when he has a new girlfriend, he does not think back on you and that clarifies the matter.

I cannot understand, how can someone feel positive about themselves if others reject or hate him?

If I know that someone is negative about me, then it makes me sad and mentally burdens me in the moment, so I can't understand that somehow.

Vegan Rose writes that and I'll explain how it works:

Okay, vegan rose, I've already answered you in the comments.

A person rejects you and hates you. However, you want to please him and you will, because he tells you directly.

Because he behaves wrongly or badly towards you. Then you feel bad.

But you don't understand that, that is, someone hates you and you didn't notice it right away.

So you have z. For example, if your car is parked incorrectly, your neighbor knows it is your car and you hate it.

Then you feel good.

You can also feel at ease when it expresses itself directly to you, with its negativity.

But then there is this negative connotation. You know, that feeling means: he hates me.

And then the weather is not nice.

They don't deliberately do the life energy that others radiate when they hate you, but someone thinks, "The stupid cow, I can't stand it."

The moment, through his thoughts, his anger, his life energy, from his body, he judges you.

You lose them and you feel good. If you have a lot to do now, you'll notice later. That is the delay.

Or, if he hates you later, because in bed at night he will not realize what you are said to be during the day, and he is practically in bed at 8 p.m., although the thing is already at 2 p.m. , then you can only have this feeling at 8 p.m.

Because someone can't fall asleep because you're so crazy. he hates you for doing that.

It doesn't have to be that you did, but it feels that way, gives you life energy and you're in a good mood. That's how it works.

Tessa wrote 3 months ago: m
aybe you should even become a psychologist yourself. That is completely out of contact with reality, what you give out.

Tessa, you have had different experiences in your life. I don't know how old you are.

You have made and learned different experiences in your life. You have heard many things. You cared for school and learned a lot.

Nevertheless, there are gaps in your knowledge, gaps in which there are things that you do not know.

Be honest, do you know molecular biology? With astronomy, distant areas?

If anyone comes here today and says there are Aliens on Alpha – Centaury, or anywhere else, you say, "How strange to reality."

But now comes in a year and proves that he has received radio signals from there and that there is a humanoid life.

That was still the case when he said it, only you didn't know.

A wise man once said, "A lower being has never recognized a higher being."

Never has anyone who has no idea realized that someone else has a lot of clue. He has nothing to compare to.

Never before has a large crowd of people come up with an idea that nobody had before.

What you call reality, in this world in which you live, no thoughts fly from one head to the other.

There is no greed in your world that causes pain in the other.

But could it be easy that you never paid attention to it?

That's you

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